Mexico's Super Popular The Food Box Burger Restaurant Opens First U.S. Location In San Diego

November 23, 2022

The first U.S. location of Mexico-based burger destination The Food Box, which boasts more than 200,000 social media followers, has opened in San Diego's Pacific Beach neighborhood.

In 2013, Juan Ángel Martinez decided to sell his truck to help fund the addition of a new kitchen in his home in Monterrey, MX, in order to launch The Food Box, an at-home meal package eatery that aimed to offer customers the perfect burger. The business initially only sold an attractive box filled with a perfectly-grilled hamburger and fresh fried potatoes. The unconventional business eventually became so popular that Juan Angel expanded his menu and opened locations throughout Monterrey, Saltillo, and Mexico City. There are now more than a dozen locations of The Food Box sited around Mexico. 

The first U.S. location of The Food Box has opened in the space that last housed The Butcher's Grill on Garnet Avenue in the heart of San Diego's Pacific Beach. The menu of the new location offers seven signature hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, as well as fries, onion rings, tortilla soup, a salad, boneless wings, a Flamin' hot dog, and a Churro bowl, all chosen for being the favorites and most requested in all branches in Mexico. 

Highlights from the burgers and sandwiches offered include The MacArthur, a fried chicken breast dipped in buffalo sauce and topped with bleu cheese; The King James with a marinated beef patty with sliced apple, fried shallot, smoked backon, chipotle mayo, and house made ketchup; and The Calvin, a French-inspired burger with an Angus beef briskey patty, slowly caramelized onion, bacon, cheddar and Chihuahua cheese, spinach, and Dijon mustard dressing. Based on the success of this first U.S. restaurant, more The Food Box locations are expected to open around the United States, including in Austin, Laredo and Dallas, TX as the company's next steps.

The Food Box is now open at 976 Garnet Avenue in San Diego's Pacific Beach. For more information, visit and check out the menu below.