Local Brewery Makes Beer From San Diego Airport Air Conditioner Waste

December 19, 2022

The San Diego International Airport has teamed up with a local brewery to create beers made from condensation collected from the airport's air conditioning systems. 

Each year, the San Diego International Airport collects more than 100,000 gallons of condensate water from air conditioning units attached to jet bridges. This water is used primarily to clean planes, equipment and feed cooling towers, but with the help of Water Works, East Village Brewing Company has transported, ultra filtered, purified and then brewed two new beers with this water. The condensate water has a pure water profile with little mineral content, making for an ideal base for brewers.

East Village Brewing Company, which was opened last year by former Ballast Point brewmaster Aaron Justus and head brewer Brandon Green, have created a pair of beers using the air conditioner waste. Hoppy Travels IPA is a West Coast IPA with flavors of grapefruit and guava, while the Pre-Flight Pils is a German-style pilsner with bready and lemon zest flavors. The beers are currently on tap at East Village Brewing Company and will soon be available at San Diego International Airport. Justus and Green previously partnered with the airport back in 2019 while at Ballast Point when they brewed a beer called SAN Test Pilot using the condensate. 

East Village Brewing Company is located at 201 Park Boulevard, Suite 101, in San Diego's East Village. For more information, visit eastvillagebrew.com