Tijuana's Famed Tortas Washmobile To Launch Ongoing San Diego Pop-Up

February 13, 2023

One of Tijuana's historic destinations for Mexican torta sandwiches, Tortas Washmobile will soon launch a weekly San Diego pop-up installation at an area brewery. 

Founded by Manuel Hernandez in 1964 as a shack sited outside a Tijuana carwash, Tortas Washmobile has become a destination in Baja Norte for its simple menu of pretty much one item, a carne asada torta sandwich. Long after the car wash it was once sited at faded into history, Tortas Washmobile maintains a loyal following at its several branches dotted around Tijuana. 

This week, Tortas Washmobile will begin a weekly pop-up at Novo Brazil's original brewery on Lane Avenue in Chula Vista. Operated by Chef Pedro Fuentes, the nephew of Tortas Washmobile founder, expect the installation to churn out its signature carne asada torta, made with 12-hour marinated brisket that is grilled, chopped into small pieces, and then loaded onto a Mexico City-style pambaso roll and topped with panela cheese, tomato, pickled red onion, guacamole and tomato. 
Tortas Washmobile will operate its pop-up starting Thursday, February 16, from 4-8pm, then continue weekly on varying Tuesdays and Thursdays at Novo Brazil Brewing, located at 901 Lane Avenue, Suite 100, in San Diego's South County City of Chula Vista. Follow Novo Brazil on Instagram for updates.