Bikini-Clad Baristas Coming To San Diego Pacific Beach With Impending Opening Of Goddess Coffee

March 31, 2023

Opening this summer in San Diego's Pacific Beach is Goddess Coffee, which markets itself as the city's first bikini barista coffee shop.

From owner MaLinda Bloch, Goddess Coffee will open later this year in Pacific Beach retail plaza that also houses The Grass Skirt and Rubio's. The cafe will feature bikini-clad baristas serving an array of coffee and espresso drinks made with Fair Trade and organic beans from South Park's veteran-owned Seven Seas Roasting. There will also be grab-and-go food and pastries, as well as protein-infused beverages and mushroom coffee.

"Our mission is to inspire women everywhere to free their inner Goddess; to love their bodies, embrace their sensuality, their natural beauty, and their divine feminine power within," reads the company's website. "The Goddess Coffee concept was built to strengthen the female empowerment movement. We are not only promoting body-positivity; we aim to encourage all women to support one another through self love, gender equality, mental health, and women’s rights."  

Goddess Coffee is anticipated to open around Memorial Day at 910 Grand Avenue in San Diego's Pacific Beach. For more information, visit