Kumo Brings Beautiful Japanese Sandwiches To San Diego

March 1, 2023

Kumo is now dishing out colorful Japanese milk bread sandwiches in San Diego's Mira Mesa neighborhood. 

Meaning "cloud" in Japanese, Kumo is a new sandwich shop that quietly opened this week within Plaza Sorrento shopping center in Mira Mesa after nearly two years in development. The fast-casual, 540 square-foot eatery is the product of founders Messiah Williams, Jeyme Araki, and Victor Ly, who have created a menu of Japanese-style sweet and savory "sandos."

Kumo offers a variety of sandwiches made with crustless slices of Japanese milk bread, known as shokupan. Versions include those filled with fresh cut fruit and whipped cream, as well as varieties stuffed with marinated egg salad and others with fried katsu meat cutlets. The eatery also serves an array of specialty drinks, matcha tea beverages, and other side dishes like potato salad. 

Kumo will be in its soft opening stage starting this weekend, March 3-5, at 6755 Mira Mesa Boulevard in San Diego's Mira Mesa. For more information, visit kumosd.com.