Bunny Chow Bringing Authentic South African Comfort Food To San Diego's North Park

September 27, 2023

A second area location of Bunny Chow authentic South African restaurant & bar will open this October in San Diego's North Park.

In late 2022, two native South Africans, Andrew Georgitsis and Gary Wolfson, opened Bunny Chow restaurant in San Diego's Miramar neighborhood. The fast-casual eatery specializes in a lengthy menu of authentic South African comfort food all made from scratch. The restaurant's namesake dish, the Bunny Chow, is a traditional South African staple made from a hollowed-out quarter loaf of bread, similar to a bread bowl, filled with a variety of hearty curries. The name comes from the way the dish looks like bunny ears when two sides of the bread are pushed up. 

The second San Diego branch of Bunny Chow will open this October in the space that last housed The Barn Brewery in San Diego's North Park. Like the original, expect a menu of spicy Durban curries made with a variety of proteins like chicken, lamb, shrimp, meatballs, meatless beef, or vegetarian, served "Bunny Chow" style or with rice. The restaurant will also serve Johannesburg-style Peri Peri marinated grilled dishes, Prego Rolls, and savory pies, as well as many other South African dishes. There will also be a selection of South African cocktails with Dawa sticks, as well as African wines, draft beers and a selection of non-alcoholic ginger beers and ginger beer floats. During the weekends, expect unique brunch items. The restaurant will host frequent events like South African live music, rugby and soccer screenings, comedy nights, and more. 

Bunny Chow will grand open on October 22 at 2850 El Cajon Boulevard, Suite 3, in San Diego's North Park. For more information, visit bunnychow.co