After Owner's Criminal Conviction, Breakfast Bitch Closes Its Doors In San Diego's Hillcrest

October 26, 2023

Following a federal conviction and imposition of a multi-year prison sentence against its owner, Breakfast Bitch restaurant has closed in San Diego.

This past February, Breakfast Bitch co-owner Tracii Show Hutsona was sentenced to 51 months in prison, three years of supervised release and ordered to pay $1,148,759.28 in restitution following a federal conviction for embezzling more than one million dollars as part of a confidence scheme. Hutsona was arrested in February 2021 by the United States Secret Service and New York Police Department on wire fraud and identity theft charges after scheming Joumana Kidd, the ex-wife of former NBA star Jason Kidd. Hutsona reported to the Federal Correctional Institution in Phoenix, AZ, in March 2023.

An article published by the New York Times in 2021, entitled "A Cautionary Tale for Nearly Everyone," outlined a multitude of allegations of fraud and other misdeeds against Hutsona. Accusations range from creating and paying fictitious contractors then funneling monies to herself, to using bad checks, to blatant theft and fraud. There are also accusations that Hutsona's Breakfast Bitch restaurant is a concept stolen from a Miami, FL eatery called Bacon Bitch. The article even detailed damning statements made by Hutsona's older sister, a marriage and family therapist who lives in California's Bay Area.

Hutsona opened Breakfast Bitch restaurant in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood in July 2019, with a second outpost launched in Phoenix, AZ, in November 2020. According to public filings, the restaurant concept is also owned and operated by Hutsona's husband, former pro-footballer Derrell Hutsona. The couple also operated Elite Lux Life VIP concierge services and lifestyle management in the Los Angeles area, a fact discussed in the NY Times article.

"Derrell and I have both made mistakes in our past, but this has nothing to do with who we are doing today, or the businesses that we have created together," Tracii Hutsona said in a statement made to SanDiegoVille in 2021. "We work extremely hard, and have built what we have legitimately. People love fake news more than the truth because it's juicy and fun to talk about. Sadly, there are people who would rather celebrate failure than success in others. This other restaurant on the other side of the country has lost the battle they started over the B word, and chosen to hitch themselves to a ridiculous story with a lot or hearsay and twisted truths. As of today, there has not been an indictment. We are confident that the truth will prevail when this is all over. Meanwhile, we will continue to work in our business. We have been surviving through this pandemic, and trying to support our staff as well. Most of these allegations are so preposterous - escaping from prison?? There is no way that if this were true, I would be at work today, running my restaurant. Come to think of it, our days of late have been working about 14 to 16 hours in nonslip shoes from Walmart, going home smelling like bacon and eggs… Not quite living the life of luxury on other people's dime."

Breakfast Bitch remained in operation into October 2023, but the restaurant is listed as "temporarily closed" on Google and Yelp. We've received reports the space has now been mostly emptied out and the phone line is disconnected. The Phoenix outpost is still in business at this time. Ownership states that the reason for the sudden and unannounced closure in San Diego is because their lease was up. They claim they are in the process of searching for a new San Diego location that can "accommodate the wrap-around-the-block waitlist we have on the weekends."

The initial accusations against Hutsona came only a couple weeks following the sentencing of former San Diego restaurateur, Gina Champion-Cain, to a term of 15 years in prison for criminal charges stemming from an approximately $400 million fraud scheme. Champion-Cain pled guilty to criminal charges of conspiracy, securities fraud and obstruction of justice for operating an "egregious fraud" against over 100 investors. 

Breakfast Bitch was sited at 3825 Fifth Avenue in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood. For more information, visit