Popular San Diego Asian Fusion Restaurant The Purple Mint Vegan Bistro Anticipates Fall Closure

October 1, 2023

After nearly a decade in business, The Purple Mint Vegan Bistro has announced that it will likely end its run in San Diego at the end of October. 

"We are very sad to announce that Purple Mint may be closing on October 31," read the company's email announcement. "The center where we are is being converted to condominiums. As of today we do not see options, including the possibility of relocating. We are grateful for all our loyal friends & 'regulars' we have served. Please come in through the next few weeks."

The Purple Mint Vegan Restaurant was founded in the Allied Gardens neighborhood of San Diego's Grantville in 2015. The bistro serves a menu of vegan Vietnamese dishes and Asian-fusion cuisine. The Purple Mint also once had a short-lived location in Linda Vista that operated from 2019 until the pandemic hit in March 2020. 

The Purple Mint Vegan Bistro is located at 6171 Mission Gorge Road, Unit 118, within Mission Square Center in San Diego's Grantville neighborhood. For more information, visit thepurplemint.com.