Hoxton Manor Ends Run In San Diego's North Park And Will Be Replaced By Chef Drew Deckman's Watershed Restaurant

November 6, 2023

After two years in business, Hoxton Manor has closed in San Diego's North Park and will soon be replaced by a new bar & restaurant from Michelin-star Baja chef Drew Deckman.

In 2021, the co-founder of Oceanside's beloved Dija Mara restaurant, Rob Jones, branched off on his own to take over the 2,480 square-foot space previously occupied by North Park Breakfast Company to open Hoxton Manor. The two story bar & restaurant boasted a spacious first floor dining room, covered rear deck seating and rooftop patio and served a menu of Southeast Asian dishes with a California twist made from locally sourced ingredients. Following a little over two years in operation, Hoxton Manor served its last meals over this past weekend and will soon be taken over by Valle de Guadalupe chef Drew Deckman.

If you frequent Baja California's Valle De Guadalupe, you've likely dined at Deckman's En El Mogor, one of the top restaurants in the region, where Executive Chef Drew Deckman sources local, seasonal ingredients to make dishes that incorporate flavors from around the globe. Chef Deckman has long been tinkering with the idea of launching a San Diego restaurant, at one point coming close to opening a spot on the ground corner of the Structure Lofts Building on 5th & Upas in Bankers Hill until the deal fell through.

Deckman will soon take possession of the two story Hoxton Manor building to open a globally-inspired restaurant dubbed Watershed. Expect the space to house a 12-seat onsite raw bar, open kitchen and rooftop Mexican-spirits-forward cocktail bar. The name Watershed symbolizes Chef Drew's belief that Tijuana and San Diego have a communal culinary culture centered around the region's natural food supply, essentially sharing the same "watershed".

From the kitchen, Watershed's menu will be filled with "Drew's food," dishes incorporating rustic preparation techniques drawing inspiration from smoke and fire, as well as made using our thriving local seafood and seasonal produce. Deckman has a knack for showcasing sustainable ingredients accessible to the region to prepare his meals and throughout his career has been committed to the advancement of responsible and renewable local farming, fishing and ranching. In addition to a frequently changing food menu, expect local craft beers, regional wines from Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe up to Santa Barbara, and area-distilled spirits to be at the forefront of Deckman's bar menu.

Watershed is anticipated to open in February 2024 at 3131 University Avenue in San Diego's North Park. For more information about Deckman's, visit deckmans.com.