Breakwater Brewing Company Brewpub Ending 16 Year Run In San Diego's North County

January 27, 2024

Considered Oceanside's first craft brewery, Breakwater Brewing Company has announced its impending closure in San Diego's North County.
Founded in July 2008 by pizza chef Shannon Sager and brewmaster Lars Gilman in July 2008, Breakwater Brewing Company was Oceanside's first brewpub. In 2022, Breakwater Brewing opened its first satellite tasting room inside CoLab Public House, a $5 million, 12,500 square-foot collaborative craft beverage business sited off State Route 78 in San Diego's North County city of Vista.  

"In regard to our original Oceanside location, we do not have a closing date set quite yet and are diligently working with some potential new investors to keep it going for a bit longer, if we can," announced Breakwater ownership on the company's Instagram page. "What this means for the future is still unclear. In the meantime, come see us for your favorite pizza and beer before it’s too late!"
Last spring, Breakwater Brewing ownership was notified their building, along with others including Regal Cinemas, was set to be demolished to make way for a new six-story apartment complex. While they do not know the exact date of their departure, they will ultimately be forced to close the Oceanside location, likely at some point this year. 

Breakwater Brewing is still operating under normal hours at 101 North Coast Highway in San Diego's North County city of Oceanside. For more information, visit