Jose’s Pollos Brings Acapulco-Style Chicken To Former El Barbecue Space In San Diego’s Sherman Height

January 3, 2024

Now open in the standalone space that last housed El Barbecue in San Diego's Sherman Heights is Jose’s Pollos, a family-run restaurant with a menu centered around Acapulco-style chicken.

Owner Jose Sotelo has been operating Jose's Pollos Estilo Acapulco as a pop-up eatery in San Diego's historic Barrio Logan for awhile now, but last fall he took over the space last occupied by once-beloved El Barbecue to open his first brick-and-mortar restaurant. Jose's Pollos serves a menu of Acapulco chicken, which is a preparation where the poultry is sautéed in a spicy sauce mix of tomato, onion, bell pepper, jalapeños and hot sauce. 

Jose's Pollos is now open with a menu of whole and half Acapulco chicken, marinated or grilled over charcoal, then sided by rice, beans, tortillas, green & red salsas and more. The restaurant will also serve pork ribs and occasionally offer specials like carne asada.  

Jose's Pollos is now open at 549 25th Street in San Diego’s Sherman Heights neighborhood. For more information, follow Jose's Pollos on Facebook and check out the menu below.