Owner Of San Diego's Famed Lamborghini Yacht Filmed Threatening Downtown Dock Worker & Also Sues Second San Diego Restaurant

March 11, 2024

A video is circulating showing what appears to be the owner of San Diego’s famous Lamborghini yacht threatening a dock worker in downtown San Diego. The boat owner is also in the process of civil litigation with a second San Diego restaurant. 

The owner of San Diego’s famous Lamborghini yacht was filmed threatening to "kill" a 21-year-old employee of Seaforth Boat Rentals in downtown San Diego. He recently made news after former UFC champion Chuck Liddell fell off his yacht in San Diego Bay.

"I'll kill you! I will kill you! You know I'll kill you! I will kill you! I will kill you!", the man on the Lamborghini boat is heard shouting, as the dock worker responds inaudibly. "Yea I doubt it! Ace Rogers, call me! Time and place!"
It turns out the yacht attempted to pull up to Seaforth Boat Rental to pick someone up when the 21-year-old employee told the captain he could not park there. It is reported that the interaction quickly became heated, resulting in the boat owner berating the employee, then verbally threatening him, as well as reportedly throwing money in the water as he allegedly insulted the employee's social status.

In a second video, it appears the man on the boat pulls his pants down and makes lewd gestures toward the people on the dock. The interaction reportedly took place in the late afternoon of Sunday, March 10. 
The owner of the extremely-rare, $4.5 million Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63' yacht is reportedly local resident Ajay Thakore, who also goes by the name Ace Rogers and AJ "Ace" Thakore. The bright blue boat is the only Lamborghini yacht sited on the United States' West Coast and only the second seen in the United States. Thakore made news in late 2021 after he was publicly accused of harassing a La Jolla pizza eatery.

In November 2021, we reported on allegations that American Pizza Manufacturing in La Jolla was dealing with a unique version of criticism that reportedly began somewhat normal enough with disparaging posts about the eatery and its owner on review sites and social media. American Pizza Manufacturing founder Andrew Melone stated that the antagonization then progressed to a Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 SUV and a very limited Ford Raptor Shelby Baja edition, both covered with decals of various fonts reading "Take N Bake Pizza Sucks", parked in the spaces directly in front of the take-and-bake pizzeria.

The pizza shop owner also reported a plane flying over the area pulling a banner with messages like "Just Say No To Take N Bake Pizza" and "Carinos Pizza Is Better Than Take N Bake". The aforementioned Carino's restaurant, which has since permanently closed, sat directly next door to American Pizza MFG and was in business starting in 1972.
Melone alleged the individual behind the harassment was local resident Ajay Thakore. In response to Melone's public accusations, a lawsuit was filed on November 10 in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California by Gopher Media LLC (formerly known as Local Clicks and doing business as Doctor Multimedia) and Ajay Thakore. In the complaint, Plaintiffs assert they were organizing a First Amendment-protected boycott against American Pizza Manufacturing following racist treatment by the restaurant's owner.

"Thakore has and does urge a boycott of AMP due to its practice of harassing members of the public that try to park in the Parking Spot that are not approved of by Defendants and/or that are not customers of AMP," reads paragraph 48 of the complaint. "Thakore has also urged a boycott of AMP because of its false representations and advertising to the public regarding the freshness and quality of its ingredients and the food products it sells. Thakore has also urged a boycott of AMP because of its discriminatory and racist treatment of and attitude toward those of Arab, Indian (from India), and/or Asian descent. Thakore has also urged a boycott of AMP because of its discriminatory and racist treatment of and attitude toward members of the LGBQTIA community."

The lawsuit against American Pizza Manufacturing and Andrew Melone asks for "an award of actual and compensatory damages in an amount of $10 million and/or an amount to be proven at trial." In response to the lawsuit, American Pizza Manufacturing filed a countersuit in early 2022 accusing Thakore of "relentless and ongoing campaign of harassment" against the restaurant while "libeling [APM and] ... unfairly interfering with APM's business." As of time of publication, the lawsuit between Thakore and American Pizza Manufacturing remains ongoing. 
According to the San Diego County Superior Court Register of Actions, there are several other lawsuits pending between Thakore and other persons and entities. Among the civil lawsuits, there is a complaint filed by Thakore against the parent company that owns Nautilus Tavern in San Diego's Bird Rock community of La Jolla, once again alleging the restaurant discriminated against Thakore.

"Upon information and belief and thereupon so alleged, NT [Nautilus Tavern] discriminates against anyone that appears to be of Arab or Asian decent to include but not limited to those of Indian descent like Thakore," reads the complaint filed by Thakore against Nautilus Tavern. "NT also harasses, threatens and try to intimidate anyone that express an opinion about NT, its business practices, the quality or lack of quality of its food, its treatment of the public, and/or its discriminatory or harassing treatment of members of the public to include Thakore and his business DMM. NT also allows it customers and its employee to engage in such practices against other customers, like Thakore, but does nothing to stop it."

In the Cross-Complaint filed by Nautilus Tavern ownership against Thakore, claims include stalking, intentional infliction of emotional distress, intentional interference with prospective economic relations, and negligent interference with prospective economic relations. The cross-complaint goes as far as to accuse Thakore of urinating on the floor of the La Jolla bar. 

"Thakore repeatedly bullied and harassed staff and patrons at Nautilus Tavern, causing multiple employees and managers to quit, and he was banned from the business," reads a section of the Cross-Complaint. "Once banned, Thakore continued to threaten Nautilus Tavern’s employees, including Odmark and his family, and on one occasion Thakore came into the bar and urinated on the floor. Prior to being banned from Nautilus Tavern, Thakore spent money lavishly at the business. In doing so, Thakore made clear to the business's employees that his spending should entitle him to certain privileges. Among them, Thakore demanded: that patrons who he called ‘poor losers’ be removed from Nautilus Tavern at his discretion; that certain managers at the business be prohibited from speaking to him and fired; that the company should install a sign that said 'don’t talk to Ace unless he talks to you'; and that the bar should reserve a permanent seat and dog bed for him and his dog."

The lawsuit between Ajay Thakore and Nautilus Tavern ownership MLT Encinitas LLC is still ongoing. A civil case management conference is scheduled for June 28, 2024. 

In addition to Doctor Multimedia and Local Clicks Digital Marketing, Thakore allegedly has ownership interests in Aspen's Dog House within The Shops at La Jolla Village, Three Legs Coffee Roasters in La Jolla, and The Flower Pot Bakery & Cafe in La Jolla.

The Lamborghini yacht, named "Aspen & Delilah" after Ajay "Ace Rogers" Thakore's daughter and three-legged dog, is currently docked in the downtown San Diego Bay area. A crew made up of 20-30 people purportedly help maintain the one-of-a-kind 63' boat.