China-Based Jue Wei Duck Opening First San Diego Location

July 8, 2024

A China-based food chain with more than 15,000 locations, Jue Wei Duck will soon open its first San Diego store.  

Jue Wei Duck was founded in 2008 in Changsha within the Hunan Province of China by a group of passionate entrepreneurs who sought to revolutionize traditional Chinese snack foods. Their vision was to create a brand that offered high-quality, flavorful duck products, specifically targeting the growing demand for convenient and tasty snacks. The brand quickly gained popularity for its unique and savory duck necks, which became a hit among consumers, and now has thousands of branches around Asia, . 

Jue Wei Kitchen will soon open its first San Diego location within Convoy Street's Plaza Del Sol shopping center, which also houses China Max restaurant. The eatery will offer a menu centered around various duck parts such as wings, feet, and gizzards, all slow-braised with the brand's signature flavors. Other offerings include braised pig feet, crawfish, beancurd skin, quail eggs, lotus root, cuttlefish, and king oyster mushrooms. The brand offers vacuum-sealed packaging, allowing the products to be easily transported and stored.

Jue Wei is anticipated to open by year's end at 4698 Convoy Street in San Diego's Kearny Mesa. For more information, visit