Quality Social's New Cocktail Lineup | The Tales Behind the 'Tails

August 16, 2012

Any bartender will tell you, there's usually a good story behind their cocktails.  As Quality Social introduces a new lineup of six hand-crafted libations, we're taking the time to tell the tale behind the 'tails of this new fresh-faced cocktail program.  The new libations are priced at $10 each.  Stop by Quality Social (QS) and give them a try, then see if you can make 'em yourself.

THE ‘SULLIVAN’ [saul-i-ven]
Templeton rye, muddled Washington cherries, brown sugar, orange Zimm’s zest

This libation is dedicated to the badass bareknuckle boxer, John L. Sullivan, who once boxed through a 75 round fight. Upon entering a saloon, Sullivan would tout his trademark phrase, “I can beat any son-of-a-bitch in the house.”  He always did – and then he bought the house a round!  John L. Sullivan is also the Irish whiskey company that recently went out of production. The whiskey had been used in QS’ popular pickleback shot.

THE ‘STANLEY’  [stan-lee]
Gordon’s gin, soda water, seasonal muddled berries

Named after the beloved QS mascot and companion, which has been missing since March 2009.  Dearest Stanley was a stuffed squirrel that resided in the museum wall showcase at Quality Social.  Some genius stole it opening night, so in turn, it became the mascot and logo for the QS brand.

ANITA’S POSSE [ah-nee-tahs, paw-see] (get your head out of the gutter!)
Prosecco, seasonal fruit puree

This drink makes reference to Italian-born actress, Anita Pallenberg -- the muse behind legendary rock group, the Rolling Stones, and  is also a tribute to QS’ sister restaurant in Chicago, Nellcôte -named for the Villa Nellcôte, an ornate mansion in southern France which was the setting for one of the most infamous house parties of all time, as well as where the Rolling Stones recorded “Exile on Main Street” during the summer of 1971.

THE ‘H’ [ay-ch]
Square One cucumber vodka, St. Germain, soda water, black pepper and cucumber garnish

This one is named in honor of Joseph Ehrmann, an SF saloon keeper (Elixir), brand ambassador and lead mixologist for Square One Cucumber Vodka, as dedication to his hard work and contributions to the craft cocktail world.

‘LA TIJUANA ABEJA’ [lah, tee-ah-wanna, ah-bay-ha]
el Jimador blanco, jalapeno infused tequila, honey syrup, jalapeno garnish

Translated: The Tijuana Bee; Its honey syrup and jalapeno infused tequila give this cocktail its 'sting'.

THE ‘BLACK PEARL’ [bah-lak, per-el]
Gosseling’s dark rum, Monin Orgeat, lime zimm’s zest

With enough rum to keep Jack Sparrows happy, this cocktail packs enough of a punch to make a matey say ‘arrrrghhhhh!’

Quality Social is located at 789 6th Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter.  For more information, call (619) 501-7675, or visit QS online at qualitysocial.com.
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