Athletic Immersion | An Unlimited Month at Corepower Yoga Pacific Beach

Our sweaty, dilapidated punch cards
September 20, 2012

On August 2nd, the founders of SanDiegoVille Henry and Vanessa embarked upon a one-month unlimited yoga program at Corepower Yoga in Pacific Beach. After a month filled with plenty of sweat, clenching, grunting, stretching, and nearly puking and passing out, they fulfilled their goal of attending 20+ classes in 30 days, resulting in the winning of a free T-shirt and a complimentary unlimited month membership. This is their story.
For the introductory price of $99, we gained access to as many classes as we could handle in a one-month period. Corepower has two studios and offers many classes throughout the day, making it easy to fit a yoga session into your schedule.  We decided to attempt the prooffered 20 classes in 30 days challenge, each of us getting a punch-card that would entitle us to raffle prizes upon completion. We’ve tried yoga before, as both of us participated in a free week at the studio awhile back, so for day 1, we went balls to the wall and chose Hot Power Yoga as our first class. Bad move.

While Vanessa champed through most of the 105 degree, hour long, strenuous class, I got about 25 minutes in before my limbs started tingling and my head spun to the point of near fainting. I proceeded to lay on my back for the rest of class.

“Psst! Psssst!” I sounded in hopes of getting Ness’ attention at the end of class. “Be discrete, but I need you to walk me to the locker room,” I explained to my concerned cohort. Ness was cool about shoulder-walking me tothe men’s locker room without making a scene. After 10 minutes in the cold shower, I was ready to get the hell out of there and have a beer to celebrate my survival (and national IPA day).

We persevered throughout the month, and by August 15th, we each had 14 punches on our 20 class challenge card. We had only missed one day up to that point for travel up to Los Angeles for the Lexus Grand Tasting at the Food & Wine Festival, but we made it up later that week with a double session. We were progressing well, although soreness seemingly only continued mounting on my body.

There are definitely certain issues that I have with the yoga practice at Corepower.  Firstly, I believe that more of the philosophy of yoga should be taught in class ,especially in the introductory classes. Terms should be explained rather than thrown around willy-nilly (it’s difficult enough getting from halsana to salamba sarvangasana while sneaking peeks at fellow yogis for guidance). Another issue for me is the fact that participants are permitted to setup their mats anywhere around the room. This often results in issues as the classes fill up. Being 6’2’’ and 190 lbs, it’s tough to perform the “vinyasas” in a 100 degree room when I’m crammed between two people. Rows should be established and altered so that each line has the opportunity to see the mirror. Although the studio seems very clean, my OCD makes me question that belief, being that blocks, straps, and Pilates rings are tossed back into their respective bins after being sweated over for an hour at a time.

I also found that yoga participants seem to have a strange conception of personal space.  Some have no issue getting too close, even while naked in the locker rooms, which I do not like.  I deeply value my Henry bubble and do not like it being encroached on the way it frequently was in the Corepower Yoga Studio.

While practicing yoga kind of reminds me of preschool for grown ups – combining gym class with nap time – I ended up becoming quite addicted to a point of wanting to permanently incorporate the practice into my life.    As a natural “agro,” though I could not quite master the calmness and peacefulness promoted in yoga, I did find that it mellowed me out a bit. I feel as if continued practice would be very beneficial to my peace of mind.

Vanessa and I finished our unlimited month at Corepower Pacific Beach with 31 and 30 classes each, respectively. At the celebration class for those who completed the 20 day challenge, I won a free T-shirt and thankfully, Vanessa won an unlimited month of yoga. Since the free T-shirt was a women's deep V, Ness really made out. It was a most rewarding month indeed.

Of the instructors, our favorites to name a few were Amy P., Tabu, Dee, Jenny W., and Jack, but each teacher was pleasant and helpful in their own right. Of the classes, we really enjoyed the core and leg workouts you get from Pilates Yoga and the all around experience of Corepower Yoga 2, but I suggest that beginners start with Corepower 1, as all the others are a bit more challenging and in hotter rooms.

We highly recommend giving Corepower Yoga a try. Being that they offer a free unlimited week, there is nothing to lose. Take it slow and be patient with yourself.  Just like life, don’t expect your yoga experience to come easy. It’s hard, sweaty, painful, and it takes work, concentration and practice, but if you persevere and strive hard, you’ll see and feel the results.

Disclaimer: Vanessa does not sponsor or approve this messageor the assertions made herein (she LOVES all things yoga); but, Vanessa has been too slowto write her recap, and so my voice remains as the sole opinion for the timebeing. All mammal!!

1554 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach