The Spirits of Mexico Main Tasting Event 2012 – A Recap of Tequila! Tequila! Tequila!

September 22, 2012

Old Town could not have been a more perfect setting for a week-long festival celebrating the Spirits of Mexico, and no better way to experience all of the vibrance of Mexico than the Main Tasting Event held on Saturday, September 15th.  Attendees were invited to taste many styles of world class agave spirits including tequila, mescal, sotol, bacanora, raicilla, liquers and more tequila!  Tray passed samples of classic Mexican dishes kept the lively crowd standing and civilized, mostly.

As we strolled the dimly lit garden courtyard to the romantic music of a Mexican-inspired quartet, we chatted with master distillers, sipped some delicious tequilas, and ate some authentic Mexican delights provided by Fiesta de Reyes.  Aside from our staple tequila, Jose Cuervo’s Reserva de la Familia, my personal favorite was a drink concocted by the vibrant gentleman from Alderete Tequila.

This guy...AGAIN!
Alderete’s Vallarta Splash was a refreshing blend of tequila blanco, fresh-squeezed lime, pineapple juice, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, freshly muddle basil, and agave nectar, garnished with a slice of perfectly sweet pear.  This smooth, sweet cocktail showcased the ultra-aromatic tequila, while also demonstrating its pairing abilities.  In the heat of the night, I couldn’t ask for more (well maybe a tequila floater on top for an added kick, which I happily helped myself to!).

Spirits were high as spirits flowed.  We were careful not to bump into the lovely couple walking on stilts as we meandered back and forth through the crowds, from tequila to sopas to cupcakes to the silent auction and back for some tequila to wash it all down.  Of the tray passed appetizers, we agreed with the buzz that the fish tacos were delicioso, and we were surprised at how many different dishes floated around the event.

If you’re a tequila afficinado or simply love sampling spirits, new and old, don’t miss the Spirits of Mexico Festival next year!  Nos vemos alli!

The Spirits of Mexico Festival Main event was held at McCoy Garden Courtyard, 4016 Wallace Street, Old Town on Saturday, September 15, 2012.  For more information on the Spirits of Mexico Festival, check out the website and be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter.

P.S. Ness and I almost got into a FIGHT at this festival with this lady who ran into me and rather than saying, "Excuse me" gave me this mean face.  She later tried to cut us in a line for Don Julio and homie don't play that!!!  Thankfully, the large gentleman she sent over in an attempt to intimidate me took a liking to us and we ended up shooting down some Tequila shooters before moving on to more...TEQUILA!!  Classless?  Maybe.  But what do you expect when you give 100+ people unlimited tequila.