Uptown Parking District Launches Comprehensive Parking Plan for Hillcrest

December 21, 2012

Many neighborhoods promote they have plenty of parking but it is not often that a neighborhood will go to the lengths that Hillcrest has gone to make it easy for consumers to find abundant parking. The Uptown Parking District has been working for over a year to create a comprehensive parking plan that will not only be friendly to the consumers but will also make it easy to find just the right parking spot next to the business you are visiting.

The Uptown Parking District surveyed every available parking spot for the purpose of creating ParkHillcrest.com, a website specifically designed to provide users with usable parking information for the neighborhood. ParkHillcrest.com will contain friendly search features that allow users the ability to search parking locations, be it stalls, garages or lots, by price point, location, time, etc. To assist drivers on the move, a corresponding Android and iPhone app will be launched giving users access to information on nearby parking spots, garages and special tips while they are out and about.

In addition, a community wide validation program has been installed to alleviate the costs of parking. Over 35 restaurant and retailers in the Hillcrest community have signed on to the program offering drivers the ability to receive parking credits for visiting their business. To easily access this information, drivers can visit the ParkHillcrest.com or download the Park Hillcrest app where they can search lots & structures that accept validation and search businesses that offer them.

Park Hillcrest is also introducing a new shuttle program that will easily transport visitors from one end of Hillcrest to the other! The website and Park Hillcrest app will provide an interactive map with up-to-date information on the shuttle route and the shuttles current location. The shuttle will run from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM every Thursday through Saturday.

ParkHillcrest.com and the Park Hillcrest app will launch January 1st, 2013 to kick off the New Year with the easiest parking the neighborhood has ever seen! When visiting ParkHillcrest.com don't forget to register to win a FREE parking space for an entire year that all of your friends will envy!

For more information on Park Hillcrest please call 619.233.5008.