The Best of Bird Rock | Beaumont's Eatery Wows with Cozy Renovations and Revamped Menu

April 4, 2013

We recently joined a group of San Diego food writers and media to check out the renovations and newly enhanced menu at the seven-year-old Beaumont's Eatery.  It was admittedly our first time dining there, but whenever we cruise from PB to La Jolla, we take notice of Beaumont's vibrance amongst the dark, quiet streets of Bird Rock, the beating heart of this sleepy beach town.  Once the sun goes down and Bird Rock Roasters shuts its doors, Beaumont's is the only place in this locale that packs in loyal patrons and enlivens the otherwise dormant town with live music, fabulous food, hand-made cocktails and a relaxed community vibe.  We were excited to finally sample the scene and savor the offerings from the best bet in Bird Rock.

Hosted dinner = many a Sculpin IPA
Of the many different neighborhoods in San Diego, I find Bird Rock the most perplexing.  Perfectly situated along the ocean between Pacific Beach and La Jolla, and running parallel to one of the most extraordinary beaches I've ever seen - Windansea Beach - Bird Rock is always so relaxed and quiet although it sits in a locale that seemingly warrants rowdiness.  And what's with all the roundabouts? Any why doesn't anyone use a blinker if they're going full circle?  I digress.  Anyway, we have always been curious why Beaumont's was the only sign of life ever seen in this neighborhood if you venture in past dark, and now we know.

English pea and asparagus gazpacho
In approaching the 7 year mark, Beaumont's decided it was time for a change.  A new chef was called to the helm and the restaurant underwent a bit of a renovation, both to its interior and menu.  The interior is casual chic and, with its cool blues and grays, quite calming, despite the restaurant's rowdy boisterousness.

As guests of the gracious and hospitable husband and wife owners, Megan and David Heine, we embarked on an impressive multi-course tasting menu adventure, beginning with the Chef's whim daily soup - a chilled English pea and asparagus broth with watermelon radish and tiny bits of crispy guanciale.  This refreshing concoction was a beautiful vibrant green and reminiscent of a refreshing split pea soup.

Tri color salad
For our second course we sampled salads.  The Little Gem Caesar salad with Meyer lemon, sourdough croutons and grana padano cheese...and anchovies.  Perhaps if I had been fearless enough to include these little fishies in my bites I would have been more enthused about this salad, but I just didn't have it in me.  The tri color salad with tender kale, spinach, pine nuts, grana padano, and an amazingly aromatic roasted red pepper vinaigrette was so flavorful and delicious that I wouldn't even think to go back to the Caesar.

Each of the offerings in third course were huge hits.  Beaumont's Duckwich sandwich is a must-try.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and go now.  Right now.  Pineapple-chipotle barbecued duck is layered with sweet bruleed bananas, cilantro, red onion and brie atop toasted ciabatta, almost pressed like a panini.  The flavors of this sandwich culminate in heaven.  I don't know how else to describe it, but I can tell you that the Duckwich was a table favorite, and paired very well with our Sculpin IPAs.  Is it happy hour yet?
The saucey lamb meatballs came in an adorably miniature cast iron dutch oven, swimming in a red tomato sauce with mint, parsley, and ricotta salata and served with toasted ciabatta for dipping.  While these pungent balls of meat weren't a crowd favorite, I personally loved the gaminess of the lamb and appreciated the protein substitution, making these uniquely flavorful versions of a classic.

The wild mushroom risotto with smoked chicken, grana padano and whipped cognac was simple and well prepared and probably would have been more outstanding if not competing with the Duckwich for my third course favorite.

As for the fourth course, there was much debate over which stole the show: the pan roasted sea bass with sunchoke puree, heirloom carrots, romanesco and bacon jam (yes bacon jam! salty-sweet deliciousness) or the day boat scallops served with English peas, pea tendrils, asparagus and horseradish potato puree.  Each of the proteins were cooked perfectly and presented artfully.  The sea bass' sunchoke puree was bold and beautiful, while the scallops' horseradish potato puree lacked the mustardy punch I so desired, but both dishes boasted original and enhancing flavors.

The fifth and final course was dessert.  You've heard it here before: we're not typically lovers of sweets, but Chef George Morris titillated our taste buds with two of the most amazingly decadent mini-desserts.  The dark chocolate pot de creme (pictured) was served with a delicate coconut foam and contrasting sea salt tuile, making for a perfectly sweet and salty finale.  As if that wasn't enough, we indulged in a Green Flash Double Stout milkshake made with salted caramel gelato....yea, that's right.  The dark smooth creaminess of the beer blended with the gelato was somehow light and refreshing while indulgent and rich.

Each of Chef George's dishes was fresh, fragrant and combined diverse ingredients for elaborate flavor profiles, leaving each of us foodies excited and beyond satisfied.  Stop into Beaumont's and get to know your neighbors over upscale offerings while chair dancing to some chilled-out live music.  Happy Hour is daily from 3 - 6:30 PM.

Beaumont's Eatery is located at 5662 La Jolla Blvd. in Bird Rock.  For more information, visit the website and be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter.

5662 La Jolla Blvd., Bird Rock
(858) 459-0474

Monday - Friday:  11:30 am- last call
Saturday:  8am- last call
Sunday:  8am- last call

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