Welcome Home: A San Diego Timelapse Journey by Michael Shainblum

April 24, 2013

Talk about TRIPPY!  A new timelapse video by photographer and videographer, Michael Shainblum, features incredible, mesmerizing, high definition images that capture scenes of exquisite beauty from around San Diego.  Entitled Welcome Home: A San Diego Timelapse Journey, the video takes the viewer on a melodic journey around America's Finest City.

"My purpose of creating the film was to connect people with the footage and strike emotion out of the viewers," explained Michael Shainblum.

A lifelong resident of San Diego, Shainblum was inspired by all San Diego's hidden, visual treasures that he's appreciated throughout his life.  

"I wanted to showcase San Diego from the eyes of somebody who has lived there their entire life. I have been working on this piece for about four months to really harness the details and create a visually striking Timelapse film. I wanted to make something that was unique to my own perspective of filmmaking. I also wanted to create this video to encourage people to go out and witness how beautiful San Diego really is."

This is not the first timelapse video focused on San Diego.  Last year, America's Finest Timelapse circled the web and demonstrated how San Diego was the perfect subject for such a piece.

For more information on photographer and filmer Michael Shainblum, visit his website at www.shainblumphoto.com.