The New Children's Museum Commissions 13 New Artworks for Upcoming Food Exhibit - FEAST: The Art of Playing with Your Food | Launch Events October 10-13

September 14, 2013

The New Children’s Museum has confirmed the 13 artists or artist collectives that have been commissioned to create installations for the Museum’s next major exhibition, Feast: The Art of Playing with Your Food opening October 13. The latest in a series of Museum-wide thematic exhibitions designed to help visitors think, play and create, Feast will explore the subject of food through playful, multi-sensory, immersive experiences.

Feast showcases the innovative ways in which today’s artists are thinking about food and will provide children and families with truly unique interactive activities. All of the artworks focus on timely topics around food including health, agriculture, family heritage, community, and the environment. The exhibition and related programs will provide children and adults opportunities to engage in creative play and discuss food, its role in their lives, and how it affects their health. In addition to using contemporary art as a vehicle for presenting these ideas, the exhibition will incorporate science, technology, music, and design in novel and engaging ways.

“We want a visit to the Museum to be about more than just looking at things on the walls or playing with toys,” explained executive director Julianne Markow. “We have created a wide range of unique creative play activities that children and families can do here or at home to enhance their experience and deepen their levels of discovery and learning.”

The newly-commissioned works of art are rich examples of how artists are often at the forefront of issues concerning our society. The Feast installations will encourage visitors to look at food from new perspectives: food as building blocks and sculpting materials, food as sources for sound, food as visual symbols, and more! In addition to the artwork, the museum will provide a wide range of hands-on art-making activities, educational programs, workshops, and celebratory events, all designed to provide an ever-changing menu of enrichment opportunities.

Feast launch activities will feature a VIP Patron’s Preview Dinner, with the theme Feasting in Versailles, on October 10 followed by the Museum’s 6th Annual Benefit, having the theme Feasting in Wonderland, on October 12th. Both events are co-chaired by Michelle M. Alexander and Yolanda S. Walther-Meade. Feast opens to the public on Sunday October 13 and includes free admission thanks to the sponsorship of Target. The exhibition will continue through September 2014, with some installations remaining through 2015.

Each artist in Feast is committed to creating work that examines the relationship with food and eating in unexpected ways. Families will be encouraged to think more deeply about what they eat, where their food comes from, the life cycle of their food, and how food and farming contribute to the health of the earth.

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