Eight California Chefs To Present “Chef’s Whim Spring Fling” Charity Dinner at Kitchen 4140 On Thursday, April 23

April 12, 2015

Farm-to-table restaurant Kitchen 4140 will spotlight eight of Southern California’s talented chefs during its Chef’s Whim Spring Fling dinner on Thursday, April 23, starting at 6:30pm. This event, priced at $125 per person and taking place around a large communal table in Kitchen 4140’s private wine room, will feature eight courses - each one carefully crafted by one of the evening’s participating chefs. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the San Diego chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Contributing chefs at Chef's Whim Spring Fling will include Top Chef Season 12 contestant Katie Weinner, event organizers and Chef Kurt Metzger of Kitchen 4140, Chef Mikel Anthony of Ronin, and more. The final lineup of chefs and their assigned course number includes:

First course - Chef Jeff Roberto (Sushi on a Roll)
Second course - Chef Alex Emery (independent)
Third course - Chef Mikel Anthony (Ronin)
Fourth course - Chef Kurt Metzger (Kitchen 4140)
Fifth course - Chef Stephen Gage (independent)
Sixth course - Chef Chad Kilgore (Cheffin’ Around)
Seventh course - Chef Katie Weiner (of Top Chef Season 12)
Eight course - Chef Jeff Bonilla (Garnish Pastry)

“It’s always interesting to bring a group of talented chefs together and see what magic comes from such a collaboration,” said Chef Kurt Metzger, Owner and Executive Chef of Kitchen 4140. “Being a chef’s whim style event, this dinner will feature an exciting element of suspense as the courses are revealed throughout the evening.”

Kitchen 4140 offers a crafty, casual dining room alongside an open-style kitchen, a large private dining room centered around an oversized communal table, and a multi-level outdoor patio placed adjacent to Chef Kurt’s organic garden. The restaurant serves lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch and frequently offers prix fixe dinner events.

Tickets to the Chef’s Whim Spring Fling dinner at Kitchen 4140 can be purchased through PayPal online. Kitchen 4140 is located in San Diego’s Bay Ho neighborhood at 4140 Morena Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92117 and can be reached at (858) 483-4140. For further information, visit www.kitchen4140.com.