Chef Chad White Says Adios To San Diego | Común To Close In East Village

Chef Chad even made a cool graphic for his announcement!
November 14, 2015

Chef Chad White took to Facebook to announce that, not long after his debut on this season of Top Chef California, he will be departing San Diego to move back to his home town of Spokane, Washington, where he plans to open a restaurant called Native Post & Provisions to open as early as Spring 2016. Despite stating in his departure letter that he will be returning to check in on his restaurants, Común Taqueria in the East Village will close immediately. We suspect that the results of Top Chef may be telling as to why the sudden departure, but in the meantime, White will have a going away party at Carnitas' Snack Shack on December 3, before leaving town on December 5.

"I see great movement in my home town and want to help with the development of the bright culinary future of Spokane," explained White.

Chad White has been a fixture in San Diego's burgeoning culinary scene and has definitely been a catalyst in bringing the concept of modern Baja Mexican-style cuisine north of the border. He currently has restaurants in San Diego and Tijuana - Comun Taqueria, which will close immediately, Craft Pizza Co., and La Justina. White will kick off the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival on November 16 with a sold out dinner at Bracero Cocina de Raiz with Chefs Javier Plascencia and Rick Bayless. White drafted the below message announcing his move to Spokane:

Dear San Diego,

This may or may not come as a shock to you but my time in San Diego has come to an end. I want to thank each and every one of you who has supported me over the last decade, The Chefs, Restaurant Owners, Vendors, Foodies, Friends and Family.

San Diego gave me a culinary career and all of you played a huge part in my success. Some of you pushed me to become better, not just as a chef, but also as a mentor, father, friend, and a member of the community.

I truly enjoyed the career I’ve had here in San Diego first starting in the U.S Navy in 2002, Then Hotel Del Coronado, Hilton Hotels, Roseville, Sea Rocket Bistro, Gabardine, Counterpoint, Plan-Cha Pop Up’s, Craft Pizza Company, La Justina, and Común.

On December 5th I will be making the journey back to my hometown, Spokane Washington. I’m very excited about this next chapter of my life and what the future holds for my family and I.

I look forward to cooking, hunting, fishing, exploring the inland northwest and enjoying time with my family and close friends. I will be opening a small restaurant focusing on utilizing ingredients native to the inland northwest pair my borderless creativity and style.

The restaurant will be small as I plan to get back the roots of cooking and celebrating my love for food and the craft.

Please continue to support my restaurants here in San Diego, as I will be making frequent trips to maintain quality and keep up with the trends.

For more information on my new beginnings please follow me via social media, as well as watch and cheer me on during this season of Top Chef airing on December 2nd and Dec 3rd on Bravo TV.

San Diego and Tijuana you will always have a warm place in my heart as well as be my 2nd home. I look forward to my frequent visits. Once again thank you for your never ending support through out my successes and failures.

NOW LETS PARTY…Please join me Thursday, December 3rd from 7pm to 10pm at Carnita’s Snack Shack in North Park for my “Going Away” Party - Pop Up where I will be serving up good eats you’ve all come to enjoy over the years.

I will miss you all,
Chad White

We wish Chef Chad the best of journeys as the tides take him northward. We still cannot wait to root for him on this season of Top Chef, premiering in two parts on December 2-3. We think he may be coming out on top based on this big move, as you can really follow your heart after winning $250k! Keep in touch with Chef Chad by visiting and following him on social media.