'RUMORVILLE' - Kitchen Staff Walks Out Of Blush Ice Bar + East-West Kitchen | Chef De Cuisine Announces Departure

November 24, 2015

It's not looking good for the newly opened Blush Ice Bar + East-West Kitchen. The downtown eatery, which took over the space previously occupied by Wet Willie's and opened in late July 2015, has already lost the culinary dynamic duo that launched the place - Executive Chef Daniel Barron and Chef de Cuisine Stephen Gage. Now, there's rumblings that culinary anarchy ensued last night and most, if not all, of the kitchen staff walked out, and its most recently appointed Chef de Cuisine Ami Cisneros also announced her departure. A restaurant that was the talk of the town only a couple months ago has seemingly fallen into chaos.

"I have decided to leave Blush after a very short stay," Chef Ami stated on a Facebook post. "I gave up so much to be a part of this team and I am beyond grateful to my mentor Chef Daniel Barron for believing in me and helping me grow immensely. I beyond love my kitchen staff at Blush and am so touched by their dedication and hard work."

Chef Ami put in her two weeks notice.

Chef Ami Cisneros
"All I can say is Daniel had a great vision and direction for Blush that I followed whole heartedly," stated Chef Ami in a response to a request for further comment. "I was ready to continue that passion here but it was made clear to me that is this is no longer the place where that kind of talent can survive. I can't speak on my cooks' behalf, but I can't ask anyone to stay when they feel the same way I do."

We reached out to Blush's newly appointed executive chef Jimmy Tessier and owner Russ Fukushima for comment.

"There is no truth to any of these rumors," stated Russ Fukushima in an email response. "We did have a kitchen member decide to depart with us last night, which is part of normal restaurant operations. I don't think there is any need to comment further on this matter."

We will be sure to update this post if we learn more.