Salad Delivery Subscription Company Launches In San Diego | Save 25% On Your First Farmer’s Fix Order With Promo Code SDVILLE

December 25, 2016

A delicious salad delivery company has launched in San Diego. We tried out Farmer's Fix this week and were beyond impressed with the scrumptious and filling meals we were provided at such a reasonable price. Get your first order of scrumptious salads delivered with 25% savings by inputting coupon code SDVILLE at checkout.

With a hectic day-to-day schedule, it can be all too easy to skip meals or resort to ordering a last minute, and probably unhealthy meal. Farmer’s Fix is a new San Diego salad delivery company that is making it convenient to eat healthy by delivering locally sourced ready-to-eat salads right to your doorstep at home or the office.

Farmer’s Fix offers weekly subscriptions of delicious and nutritious salads delivered directly to homes or offices. The salads are handmade in small batches every week using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Each salad is $10 and delivered weekly to customers’ doorsteps in reusable insulated bags with icepacks, staying fresh regardless of whether they are home to receive it. There is zero commitment and participants can cancel or pause their subscription at any time. We have teamed up with Farmer's Fix to get SanDiegoVille readers a deep 25% discount on their first order by entering promo code SDVILLE at checkout!

Greek salad
"Our goal is to supply San Diegans with the most simplified and sustainable way to eat healthy," said Tawei David Lin of Farmer’s Fix. "We understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes commitment, and we aim to provide convenience without sacrificing nutrition. Your easiest food choice should be your healthiest."

With Farmer’s Fix’s easy subscription model, simply set up an account online and select the amount and types of salads desired. There is the option to easily change the order each week, skip a week or change the amount delivered. Farmer’s Fix eliminates the hassle and expense of ordering food last minute or the time spent traveling to the grocery store and preparing meals. Farmer’s Fix salads come packaged ready-to-eat in 24-ounce bowls packed with greens, grains like lentils, farro, quinoa and forbidden rice, and with flavorful dressings like smoky pomegranate dressing and chipotle lime. Consuming is as simple as grabbing one out of the fridge.

Subscribers can make salad selections any time before Wednesdays at 11pm, and orders will be delivered the following Sunday. Farmer’s Fix currently offers a selection of 14 different salads to choose from including gluten free and vegan options. Each salad is packed with a colorful and healthy variety of vegetables and fulfilling grains, with no additives or preservatives. Salads can be customized to accommodate any food allergies, sensitivity or dietary restrictions, and each salad contains approximately 300-500 calories.

The current menu consists of the following salads:

· Sultan Kale: Baby kale, farro, fennel, apple, snow pea, sultana raisin, walnut, parmesan cheese
· Pearl Couscous: Spinach, couscous, cherry tomato, slivered almond, red bell pepper, feta, scallion, mint
· Thai Forbidden Rice: Baby kale, forbidden rice, snap peas, yellow bell pepper, honey roasted peanut, bean sprout, scallion
· Kalefornia Dreamin’: Baby kale, red bell pepper, granny smith apple, dried cranberry, queso fresco, honey roasted peanut, red onion
· Provencal Lentil: Arugula, castelvetrano olives, celery, feta, organic lentils du Puy, mint, pistachio, shallot
· Quetzalcoatl Quinoa: Cherry tomato, cucumber, mint, parsley, yellow bell pepper, red organic quinoa
· Autumn Baby Spinach: Apple, cranberry, fennel, roasted pecan, red bell pepper, shallot, spinach, yellow bell pepper
· Chopped Chinese: Carrot, celery, red bell pepper, red onion, scallion, sesame stick, snap pea, spring mix
· Farro Vegetable: Almond, arugula, celery, organic farro, feta cheese, kalamata olive, red bell pepper, scallion
· Field and Garden: Carrot, castelvetrano olive, corn, farro, pistachio, scallion, spinach, yellow bell pepper
· Greek: Arugula, chickpea, European cucumber, feta cheese, kalamata olive, parsley, pepperoncini, pistachio, red bell pepper, red onion
· Mediterranean: Cherry tomato, European cucumber, farro, mint, parsley, poblano pepper, red onion, yellow bell pepper
· Southwest: Cherry tomato, cilantro, corn, poblano pepper, quinoa, red onion, spring mix, sunflower seed
· Tarragon Lentil: Castelvetrano olive, organic lentils du Puy, parmesan, shallot, spinach, tarragon, walnut, yellow bell pepper

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