Team Behind San Diego's Popular Aquis Es Texcoco To Open Mexico City-Style Al Pastor Authentic Mexican Grill

March 25, 2018

The owner of San Diego's top spot for authentic barbacoa, Aqui es Texcoco, is gearing up for the opening of a new restaurant concept. Heading into a small retail plaza in South County San Diego is Al Pastor Authentic Mexican Grill - a Mexico City inspired eatery that will debut this Spring.

Francisco "Paco" Perez has made a name for himself with his Mexican style lamb barbecue, known as Barbacoa de Borrego, which he has been serving up at his Chula Vista restaurant Aqui es Texcoco since 2008, as well as his second location in Commerce, California since 2014. Perez's barbacoa has been featured on the Travel Channel, and such shows as Bizarre Foods America, BBQ Crawl, Taco Trip, and Man Fire Food. In late 2016, Paco teamed up with Patricia Duarte for the launch of Chilatruck, a chilaquiles torta eatery, which closed late last year. 

"My goal has always been to bring to the U.S traditional Mexican food," explained Al Pastor owner Francisco Perez. "In 2010, UNESCO declared traditional Mexican food as an 'Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity,' and all my dishes must comply with this honor and follow authenticity and at the same time, it must have the capacity of evolving without losing its culinary techniques and basic ingredients such as chiles, corn and beans."

Al Pastor will specialize in the age-old culinary technique of grilling stacked meats using a vertical spit, a process that Mexicans adapted from Lebanese shawarma in the late 19th century. There will be three "trumpos" twirling at Al Pastor - with chicken, beef and pork options available as tacos, plates or tortas. There will also be at least eight cuts and varieties of meat available in various forms, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken and mushroom soups, and other dishes. For breakfast, Al Pastor will offer chilaquiles sandwiches like those featured at his former food truck Chilatruck. 

Al Pastor Authentic Mexican Grill is expected to open in late April within the Chula Vista Shopping Center at 520 Broadway in Chula Vista.