Coffee, Tea, Pastries & Soft Serve Brew Together In North Park | Deja Brew Lounge To Open This June

May 5, 2018

Moving into a 1920s-era home on University Avenue in North Park is Deja Brew Lounge - a coffee, tea, soft serve and pastry business set to open this Summer.

"Deja Brew Lounge is going to specialize in coffee, tea and soft serve," explained Deja Brew co-owner and chef Mariana Covarrubias. "The concept of Deja Brew was a combination of my business partner Vannak's love for tea, my love for coffee, and our shared love for soft serve and baking. Vannak and I met in culinary school and always talked about opening a shop together in the future. Fast forward two years later, and Deja Brew Lounge was conceived!"

From founders Mariana Covarrubias and Vannak Seang, Deja Brew Lounge will soon begin installing within a house that was built in 1921 on a quiet stretch of University Avenue in North Park. The design of the 3,200 square foot interior space will accentuate the natural light that comes in through the large windows and offer a cozy and chill vibe. There will be an outdoor patio in the front yard where patrons will be welcome to hang out and sip on their beverage of choice and enjoy the menu in an al-freso environment. Deja Brew Lounge will offer a food and drink menu centered around coffee, tea, ice cream and pastries

"Our goal is to provide handcrafted goods for everyone to enjoy, whether it's a classic latte and a croissant, or a slutty samoan and a milk-tea soft serve-stuffed croissant," continued Covarrubias. "As far as beverages, we will have a large variety of specialty espresso-based drinks as well as high quality teas."

Specialty drinks on the menu at Deja Brew will include conconctions like the Banoffee, Tres Leches, White Aloha, Slutty Samoan and more. As for teas, there will be a wide range from White Strawberry to Peach Matcha, Watermelon Cooler to classics such as Earl Grey and Chai. From the food menu, the eatery will specialize in soft serve ice cream in a cup, cone or fresh coconut, as well as stuffed in pastries like croissants. There will also be creative mixtures like the Tropical Paradise, where half a coconut will be filled with tropical fruits and choice of soft serve, then topped with coconut milk. Belgian waffles and croissants will also be an option, whether it is to be enjoyed with a cup of joe or topped with soft serve.

Deja Brew Lounge is anticipated to open in late June 2018 at 2528 University Avenue in North Park. For more information, check out the sample menus below.