North Park's Beerfish To Get Into The Craft Beer Game | Beerfish Brewing Is Coming To San Diego

June 22, 2018

San Diego's seafood-focused Beerfish will soon add craft brewing to its repertoire. Plans are in the works for the creation of Beerfish Brewing, which is expected to install within the 2,500 square-foot space that houses the North Park fish house.

Opened in Summer 2016 by Abel Kaase, who previously operated the now-defunct Sessions Public in Point Loma and is a silent partner in Royale! Cocktails & Hamburgers, Beerfish is an indoor/outdoor seafood restaurant and craft beer bar. The eatery recently had a new menu rolled out by current kitchen lead Chef Lety Lety McKenzie, who previously worked at Uptown Tavern in Hillcrest.

Kaase is currently in the process of obtaining his Type 23 Small Beer Manufacturer license so that he can create Beerfish Brewing and start making his own craft beer. Information on the project is limited, as it is in the very early stages of development with options still being explored, so there is no word yet on who will be brewing the beer or what styles will be offered. We reached out to Kaase for comment, but he declined to provide more information.

Beerfish is located at 2933 Adams Avenue on the border of North Park and Normal Heights. For more information, visit