A Honey-Inspired Speakeasy Is Now Open In San Diego's North County | Beekeeper Bar Now Buzzing In San Marcos

December 17, 2018

A new speakeasy is now buzzing in North County San Diego. Beekeeper is a secret bar concept devoted to serving honey-fueled cocktails accessible from a secret door in a recently modernized Outback Steakhouse.

From Cerca Trova Restaurant Concepts - which owns and operates all 100+ Outback Steakhouse restaurants in CA, NM, AZ, CO, and NV - Beekeeper is the company's first speakeasy, located within the recently rebuilt Outback Steakhouse in San Marcos. It is also likely the first such concept that has been bolted within a major chain restaurant chain.

"San Marcos will be our first, and the name is Beekeeper," said Cerca Trova Chief Business Officer Richard Del Valle. "As part of our values, we have engaged local beekeepers and we will be donating portions of our proceeds to support local bees. The Beekeeper is completely separate from the new Outback, has its own restaurant, staff, and drinks menu. The concept is around high complexity drinks, all with a honey accent, in very creative serving vessels.

Located at Corner@2Oaks, a new mixed-use project at the intersection of Twin Oaks Valley Rd. and San Marcos Blvd. in San Marcos, Beekeeper is a quaint cocktail bar and lounge designed by Phil Will of Bar Rescue. Guests enter the space through a secret door which only opens after typing a reservation code in an ATM within Outback Steakhouse. The bar serves nearly a dozen honey-fueled signature cocktails, all priced at $20 and served in unique drinkware, and each sided by a serving of Honey Nut Cheerios. There is also a rotating honey-spiked beer & wine option. Based on the success of this first location, Cerca Trova may install more speakeasy concepts within its other Outback branches.

Beekeeper is located at 177 San Marcos Boulevard in San Marcos, CA. For more information and reservations, visit beekeeperbar.com and be sure to check out the menu below.