Longtime San Diego Cowboy & Western Bar InCahoots To Shutter In 2019

December 16, 2018

A San Diego destination for line dancing and country western vibes for more than 25 years, InCahoots Dance Hall & Saloon will close for business to begin 2019.

Founded by Texas-native David Borlick in 1992, InCahoots in currently owned by Suzanne Wales of Houston, TX, and operated by longtime general manager Gary Martin. Since opening, the Mission Valley bar & grill has been a popular country music saloon known for its line dancing classes, pool tables and Wild West decor. There is also an InCahoots location in Fullerton, CA, that was once related to the San Diego branch but was sold years ago.

InCahoots has been up for sale on the market for some time. The 11,821 square-foot standalone building sits within Hotel Circle on a 1.15 acre lot and has been listed for sale by Colliers International for $3.95million. Word on the street is that the building has sold and owners are looking for a new space to revive the concept. InCahoots will continue operating under normal hours through the end of the month. The New Year's Eve Black & White Party will be the bar's last night in operation at the current location.

InCahoots Dance Hall & Saloon is located at 5373 Mission Center Road in San Diego's Mission Valley. For more information, visit incahoots.com.