Reckless Brewing Announces Impending Closure After Online Onslaught

March 8, 2019

After Reckless Brewing Company published a tone-deaf social media post announcing that it would be changing the name of its "Sultry Black" lager to "Black Lagers Matter," they received an online backlash of epic proportion, so much so that the San Diego craft brewery has decided to close up shop after nearly 8 years in business.

An attempted parody of the Black Lives Matter movement against the disproportionate police abuse and incarceration rates African Americans face in the United States, Reckless Brewing's March 5 Facebook post (see below) was evidently not a sound marketing decision. The post not only invoked racism as a means to sell beer but also mimicked the language of Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic "I Have A Dream" speech. The result was immediate backlash that caused ownership to delete the posts from its social media before publishing several apologies - most of which seemed to dig them into a deeper hole.

"This has to be one of the stupidest fuckin things you can do," Tweeted lifestyle brand Beer Kulture. "And his Facebook post is even more stupid. The fuck is wrong with this industry @RecklessBrewing You looking for publicity because you got it now."

As Reckless Brewing continued to publish excuses and efforts at apologies, the owner could not help but make matters worse. The fallout was documented by various publications, including Munchies and Raw Story. The seemingly final result was Reckless Brewing taking to Facebook this afternoon to announce that it will close for business. 

Founded in January 2012 as Wet ‘N Reckless Brewing Company by owner and lead brewer Dave Hyndman, Reckless Brewing has a history of being politically incorrect. The craft brewery has had controversial beer names such as "Genocide", "Crazy Stupid Bitch", and "Oral Pleasure", as well as a beer most appropriately named "Poor Social Skills". In 2014, the company's Mira Mesa brewery and tasting room was destroyed by fire, and following two crowd-funding campaigns, Hyndman reopened his passion project down the street as Reckless Brewing.  
While the backlash against Reckless Brewing was swift and appropriate, another San Diego company escaped nearly unscathed last month from what we deem to be a far greater offense. The San Diego Union-Tribune published the above patently racist cartoon on Friday, February 22, which was quickly removed from its online platform. The newspaper followed with an attempt at an apology, and last week, an unneeded explanation of why the cartoon was racist. The Union Tribune remains in business.