San Diego's The Patio Group To Open Rock N' Roll Style Himmelberg’s In East Village On March 25

March 7, 2019

Previously Harvest by The Patio, Himmelberg’s is a rock n’ roll style eatery which aims to celebrate the nostalgia of simpler times and the life of a late, beloved friend of The Patio Group. The new bi-level East Village bar and restaurant is expected to open on Monday, March 25.

We announced last fall that The Patio Group would close its health-focused Harvest by The Patio concept to rebrand it to become Himmelberg’s - a rock n’ roll themed bar and grill offering fast-casual classic bar eats, local pints, and time-honored cocktails. Himmelberg’s is named after the late Joey Himmelberg, who was a former senior project manager at The Patio Group's parent company American National Investments and also a great friend of founder Gina Champion-Cain. Joey Himmelberg passed suddenly in July 2016 of a heart attack. His positive attitude and love of 70s and 80s music inspired the idea for Himmelberg’s - paying tribute to his spirit and bringing people together to celebrate his life.

"Himmelberg’s was created as a tribute to simpler times when your bar tab was affordable and bar-goers chatted over tasty food and drinks without the distraction of cellphones, giving everyone that warm and fuzzy Cheers vibe," said Hilary Rossi, Senior Vice President of Food and Beverage at American National Investments. "Himmelberg’s hopes to be that laid-back community gathering place where you can eat, drink, enjoy live music and get arguably the most affordable drinks in the East Village while reminiscing on your own version of the glory days. No matter your generation, there will always be a barstool for you to unwind."

Himmelberg’s will offer an affordable, fast-casual tavern menu. Guests can dine in the upstairs dining area or utilize the grab-and-go base floor counter for takeout. To honor the location that came before, Himmelberg’s is keeping some of Harvest by the Patio’s favorite healthy menu items like the Maverick and Olympia Bowl. All cocktails will have quippy rock n’ roll names like the Ginny Hendricks or Joey’s Juke Box Hero. Restaurant-goers can also enjoy the original smooth citrus Himmelbrew - a draft beer unique to The Patio Group brewed by East Village's Mission Brewery.

"Himmelberg’s represents Joey’s zest for life and love for rock n’ roll music," said Gina Champion-Cain, CEO of The Patio Group. "We are celebrating him and bringing the community a friendly spot and the chance to be a part of a bigger story. We want to bring East Village a place to live in the moment and feel a sense of community almost like they are becoming a part of our family."

Launching on Fridays and Saturdays, Himmelberg’s will host live bands and entertainment with the potential for more live music to extend to other weekday evenings after the grand opening. Himmelberg’s will also host Industry Night on Mondays, providing deals for people in the industry, and Trivia Night on Tuesdays.

Himmelberg’s is located at 369 10th Avenue in East Village San Diego. For more information, visit and peruse the menu items below.

Menu: Himmelberg’s East Village Menu

Opening Act

  • Spicy nuts / almonds, walnuts, peanuts, dark chili powder, cardamom, cayenne 5.
  • Carne Asada Skins / sour cream, cheddar jack blend, fresh pico, scallions 6.
  • Corn Dog Poppers / venison sausage, blue corn, mustard, ketsup 7.
  • Parmesan Garlic Tots / parmesan, fresh garlic, herbs, white jalapeno sauce 7.
  • Beer Bread / cheddar, red ale, horseradish mustard butter 7.
  • Beet Carpaccio / peppered yogurt, tangerine, pea tendrils, micro amaranth 8.
  • Popcorn Chicken / served with ranch or honey siracha 8.
  • Side o’ Meatballs / Comfort snack at its best, 3 meatballs w/ parmesan & sauce 8.
  • Sloppy Joe Sliders / two sliders on a sesame bun 9.
  • Nachos / house made chips, cheddar jack blend, fresh pico, jalapeno,
    • sour cream, guacamole 9.
    • Add beef 3.

  • Chicken Wings / 6 wings served with Ranch or Blue Cheese Dip 9.
    • Choice of :
    • Buffalo
    • Asian Garlic
    • Honey Siracha
    • Himmelberg’s Heat with Jalapeno Sauce
    • Crispy Cauliflower (Choose one of the above sauces)
  • Mac & Cheese / cheesy rock and roll, baked with bread crumbs 9. 
Healthy Rocker

  • Brussels Salad / shaved brussels, arugula, almond relish, gorgonzola,
  • dried cranberries, honey mustard vinaigrette 12.
  • The Maverick / Brown rice & quinoa, avocado, roasted corn,
  • red kidney bean, tomato, scallion, cilantro, chopped romaine, toasted cumin dressing 13.
  • The Olympia / brown rice & quinoa, chickpea, cucumber, red onion, red peppers,
  • tomato, Kalamata olives, spinach, feta cheese, red wine herb vinaigrette 13. 
  • Strawberry Salad / Persian cucumber, purple daikon radish, fennel,
  • mixed greens, black sesame vinaigrette, burrata, almonds, strawberries 15.
  • Side Show Salad / romaine, tomato, cucumber, croutons, red wine herb vinaigrette 6.


  • Flatbreads /
    • Cheese, house made red sauce 8.
    • Pepperoni, Venison sausage, onions, peppers 10.
    • Seasonal – see specials board 10.
  • Veggie Wrap / baba ganouch, mixed greens, cilantro lentils, piquillos, tomato 9.
served with your choice of tots or a side salad

  • Jerk Chicken Wrap / pickles, yogurt, lettuce, tomato 10.
served with your choice of tots or a side salad

  • Meatball Sub / fresh made meatballs, mozzarella, fresh basil 11.
  • The Himmelburger / two all-beef patties, American cheese,
pickle, onion, sesame seed bun, special sauce, 12.
served with your choice of tots or a side salad

  • Original Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich / brioche bun, pickles, coleslaw 12.
served with your choice of tots or a side salad

  • Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup / Gouda, demi onion, sourdough, tomato basil bisque 12.
  • Cubano / ham, pulled pork, swiss, house pickles, mustard, telera 14.
served with your choice of tots or a side salad

  • Philly Cheesesteak / American cheese, onions, peppers 14.
  • Fish and Tots / beer battered cod, malt vinegar, house tarter sauce, served
with tots and coleslaw 16.

Extra sauces available on side : ranch, blue cheese, honey siracha, fire sauce, white jalapeno sauce,

special sauce, red sauce .50 ea
Extra cheese sauce or jalapeno cheese sauce .95 ea


Chocolate Cake / 8.
add vanilla bean ice cream 2.

Root beer or Coke Float / made with vanilla bean ice cream 8.

Seasonal Cheesecake 8.
See specials board

Tip Top Cocktails
All drinks $10.00

  • Rocket Man Mule – Vodka, house made ginger beer carbonated to order
  • Breaking Bad – Habits – Watermelon infused vodka, lemon, mint, strawberry, jalapeno
  • Come As You Are – Bourbon, cucumber, mint, lime, ginger, bitters
  • Wasted Away in Margaritaville – Milagro blanco tequila, Cointreau, Ancho Reyes Verde, lime, agave, jalapeno
  • Smoke on the Water – Bourbon, agave, lemon, honey, liquid smoke
  • Jailhouse on the Rocks – Bourbon, demmi, bitters, orange
  • Joey’s Juke Box Hero – Tito’s, Olive Juice, blue cheese stuff olives
  • Dream On – Gin, pomegranate, Almond Syrup, lemon, lime
  • Purple Haze – Blueberry vodka, cherry, pear, lemon
  • Good Vibrations – Mt Gay Rum, almond syrup, lime, lemon
  • Love Potion #9 – Mezcal, almond syrup, lime, pineapple, grenadine
  • Ginny Hendricks – Gin, rosemary, lemon, honey
  • Groupies Grind – Any draft beer with a shot of Jameson, Milagro, or Jack Daniels