Bottle Manufacturer Files Latest Breach Of Contract Complaint Against Ocean Beach-Based Skrewball Whiskey

September 17, 2019

We detailed back in August that multiple parties, including three-time MLB All-Star David Wells, were suing Ocean Beach-based Skrewball Whiskey for breach of contract and related claims. Well we were alerted today (by a representative of the Plaintiff company) that a fourth breach of contract complaint has been filed against the San Diego peanut butter whiskey brand, this time by the glassware company that claims to have produced over one million bottles.

"Our company produced 1.2 million bottles for Skrewball between April 15th to June 15th," read an email from Peter Sciacca, VP of Project Development and Production for 1 Source Signature Glassware, Inc.. "After delivery of approximately 900,000 bottles before the end of June, we were forced to stop delivery of the balance since Skrewball stopped paying (claiming quality issues). Skrewball owes our company 1 Source Signature Glassware Inc. no less than $220,000, and the balance grows daily since we have usable bottles in storage."

In 2018, Cambodian-born Steven Yeng - who owns OB Noodle House, Bar 1502, and recently unveiled The Holding Company, all in San Diego's Ocean Beach neighborhood - launched his own bottled peanut butter whiskey based on a popular signature shot he has long-served at his restaurants. With the alleged assistance of his wife Brittany, Yeng released Skrewball Whiskey, a 70-proof bottled version of his cult creation. Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is now rapidly expanding in popularity and has already received a double gold award for Best Flavored Whiskey at the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition in 2018. The bottled spirit can be found at many area liquor stores and bars, and the company is in the process of a national expansion with 30 states now receiving shipments. We reported in August that there were three breach of contract complaints filed against Skrewball Spirits LLC, Steve Yeng and Brittany Yeng, including one claiming a 6% equity interest in the company by former Major League Baseball pitcher David Wells. We have also been contacted by two other parties who indicated the intention to file complaints against the Yengs and Skrewball.

"While a different situation than the other three plaintiffs with separate suits filed, we filed the forth breach of contract suit against Skrewball," continued Sciacca in his email to SanDiegoVille. "Only relation to your story, and reason for reaching out, is that there seems to a similar pattern of behavior by the owners of Skrewball toward those parties that helped them and their brand with their rapid success."

We reached out directly to Steven Yeng seeking comment for this story but did not receive a response by the time of publication. For more information, see screenshots of the 1 Source Signature Glassware, Inc. complaint below.

This is a developing story: We will update this post as we learn more.