South County San Diego Communities Make Face Masks Mandatory

April 23, 2020

Following orders passed this week, facial coverings will be mandatory for people entering the public in some South County San Diego communities.

Earlier this week, National City passed an order requiring everyone in public to wear facial coverings, and now San Diego's 2nd-largest city is following suit. Chula Vista has announced facial covering requirements for people patronizing essential businesses and entering the public. The emergency order make coverings mandatory beginning at midnight today, Thursday, April 23. Facial coverings do not have to be medical masks, rather they can be fabric like bandanas. At a planned press conference this afternoon, mayors from Chula Vista, National City, and Imperial Beach, and the San Diego City Council member serving San Ysidro & Otay all urged communities to wear facial coverings. 

South Bay officials stated disobeying the order is a fineable offense, but indicated that law enforcement will not begin enforcement immediately and warnings would be issued. Businesses were already permitted to require facial coverings for customers. As of April 4, San Diego County imposed an order requiring employees of most essential businesses to wear face masks and strongly encouraged the public to wear coverings when entering public spaces.

This is a developing story: We will update this post as we learn more.