Japanese Fried Cutlet Specialists EE NAMI Tonkatsu Izakaya Arrives In San Diego

June 15, 2020

Straight from Osaka, Japan, EE NAMI Tonkatsu Izakaya recently unveiled in San Diego's Clairemont Mesa, offering a menu centered around fried pork and seafood cutlets called "tonkatsu".

EE NAMI (pronounced "eh-nah-me”) Tonkatsu Izakaya is founded by Jumon Tano, whose family has operated Tonkatsu Tsurukame near the Japanese city of Osaka for more than 30 years. Ee nami   means "good wave" in Kansai-ben, the dialect of Japanese that is spoken by Osaka natives. The restaurant is located in the space that last housed Ramen Yamadaya in Clairemont Mesa and offers a menu centered around tonkatsu, panko-coated fried cutlets of pork, fish, and even Hokkaido scallops and fried shrimp. The new eatery also offers an array of appetizers, as well as rice and noodle dishes. The eatery also offers an array of beer, wine and sake.

EE NAMI Tonkatsu Izakaya is located at 4706 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in San Diego's Clairemont Mesa. For more information, visit eenamisd.com.