Brian Malarkey No Longer Running San Diego Office Park Restaurants | Common Stock Ownership To Take Over Farmer & The Seahorse

July 22, 2020

We received word that celebrity chef Brian Malarkey will no longer be managing the Green Acre restaurant locations in San Diego and his Farmer & The Seahorse concept will be taken over by the team behing Hillcrest's Common Stock.

Brian Malarkey has long been overseeing the culinary operations at three eateries located on Alexandria Real Estate Equities tech center campuses in La Jolla, including two outposts of Green Acre and Farmer & the Seahorse. Malarkey's hospitality group, Puffer Malarkey Holdings, which he operates with partner Chris Puffer, recently gave up operational control of the three restaurants, which will each be managed by a new group. It also appears that Malarkey's short-lived Asian street food eatery Wood Yu, which sat within the Alexandria Real Estate Equities’ Torrey Ridge Science Center, is no more. There is no word on the reason for the split, but we surmise Malarkey wanted to focus on his other restaurants, including Herb & Wood, Herb & Sea and Anime. We reached out to Malarkey and his PR team for comment but did not receive a response by the time of publishing.

Management of Farmer & The Seahorse will be in the hands of Anderson Clark & Brian Douglass, two Ivy League graduates and Hillstone Restaurant Group alums that opened Common Stock in San Diego's Hillcrest in late 2018. Farmer & The Seahorse is actually a concept that preceded Malarkey and is owned by Alexandria Real Estate, so the space will continue to be operated under that name for now. The mostly al-fresco eatery will have an updated menu from Common Stock corporate chef Sam Deckman, who will oversee the kitchen on a daily basis as Farmer reopens this week.

There is no word yet of which companies have been tasked with taking over each Green Acre outpost, but being that concept is Malarkey's, both outposts will likely be changing names. We will update this article as we learn more.