A Mano Artisan Cheese Company Brings Live Mozzarella Making To San Diego

December 5, 2021

Recently launched in San Diego, A Mano Artisan Cheese Company is an interactive catering and food company ready to bring authentic mozzarella making to any party or event. 

Rodolfo Mercurio began his cheese making career near the city of Naples, Italy. Living there for 2 years, he developed skills in the art of cheese making then returned to the United States and worked as a mozzarella cheese master in various places, continuing to refine his craft after 8 years of experience. Earlier this year, Mercurio launched A Mano Cheese Company, a catering business centered around bringing the interactive art of live mozzarella making to the masses. 

"Being of Southern Italian descent, I have always been surrounded by the authentic and fine art of making mozzarella," explained A Mano Cheese Co. Founder Rodolfo Mercurio. "Still till this day I remember the feeling that overcame me from the first time I tasted fresh mozzarella. I fell in love with the process from start to finish. Fortunately, I was blessed to have been taught this art form by my family, it is a tradition that has been passed down for hundreds of years. Without hesitation, I felt it was my calling to take this art and bring it to the wonderful San Diego. Being inspired by my culture and family I wanted to add some modern twists to this old world tradition. I have set out to provide a unique, fine quality artisan experience while bringing southern Italian culture to the community of San Diego."

A Mano offers mozzarella making classes and live mozzarella bars for private events and catering. Classes take participants into the art form of mozzarella and allow them to experience the process first hand. For the live mozzarella bar, Rodolfo puts on a show and hand stretches mozzarella in front of the party, then makes an array of dishes ranging from the popular charcuterie bites to the one-of-a-kind burrata cup desserts.

"We provide food that spans from our classic mozzarella ball, to bocconcini and even treccia (mozzarella braid)," continued Mercurio. "My personal favorite is our savory roasted vegetable bite, but I always need to balance it with the sweetness of our pistachio burrata cup. We are always experimenting with different flavors and techniques when making mozzarella. Lately we have been trying a ton of seasonal flavors!

Those interested in learning more about A Mano Artisan Cheese Company's live mozzarella experiences should send an email to [email protected] and follow the company on Instagram to see more.