Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar Officially Finished In San Diego's Ocean Beach

November 4, 2022

After claiming the closure was only temporary when it first shuttered last September, San Diego's Cohn Restaurant Group has confirmed Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar is officially finished in Ocean Beach.

Over the past four decades, David & Lesley Cohn and their family have grown a premier hospitality collective in Southern California. Beginning with one small diner in 1981, Cohn Restaurant Group now owns and operates approximately 26 restaurants around San Diego, Long Beach and Maui. In late 2010, the Cohn Group opened Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar on the outskirts of Ocean Beach. The French bistro-inspired concept quickly became one of the hospitality company's most highly-revered restaurants, resulting in it being replicated in La Mesa, Long Beach, and Hillcrest (which has since shuttered).

"As we have continued to operate our little house in Ocean Beach through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have come to realize that it is time to take a break and we will be doing just that starting on Sunday, September 19th,” read an announcement by Cohn Restaurant Group posted in September 2021. “Over the past 11 years since we opened BO-beau kitchen + bar in OB, we have always done our best to provide amazing service, delicious food and drink, and an intimate ambiance. After a bit of a break, we will be back to continue that tradition. During our hiatus, we are going to take some time to rest, freshen up a bit, and plan for what we know will be a great future here at BO-beau. This is certainly not a Goodbye, it is a See You Soon. We look forward to having you back in Ocean Beach as our Guest in the near future."

Cohn Restaurant's initial closure of BO-beau in Ocean Beach was the result of the traffic circle construction and other improvements for the area adjacent to the restaurant, which would have negatively impacted the business. Cohn Restaurant Group has since taken BO-beau Ocean Beach off the listed restaurants on the company's website and confirmed the restaurant will not be returning. While there is currently no plans of reopening the BO-beau concept at 4996 W Point Loma Boulevard in Ocean Beach, the standalone building may be used for a new bar & restaurant from Cohn Restaurant Group or another operator. Bo-Beau's famed Brussels sprouts dish remains on several menus at other Cohn restaurants. 

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