Copenhagen-Based Mikkeller Brewing To End Run In United States With Impending Closure Of Tasting Room In San Diego's Little Italy

March 30, 2023

Copenhagen-based Mikkeller Brewing is ending its tumultuous run in United States with the impending closure of its tasting room in San Diego's Little Italy.

A former math and physics teacher, Denmark’s Mikkel Borg Bjergsø launched Mikkeller Brewing in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He enjoyed a cult following for his vagabond brews for nearly a decade before teaming up with San Diego's Alesmith and taking over their old brewery in 2015 when Alesmith moved to a 105,500-square-foot facility two blocks west in Miramar. In 2017, Mikkeller also announced its second U.S. brewery, which was located at Citi Field Stadium in New York City before it unceremoniously shuttered in fall 2020. Mikkeller also has satellite locations/bars all over the globe. Last year, citing the pandemic as the reason, Mikkeller announced the closure of its San Diego brewery in Miramar. 

Mikkeller's 5 year old tasting room in San Diego's Little Italy is currently the company's last remaining U.S. property but not for long. The company will close the 900-square-foot space after end of service on Saturday, April 8, as troubles continue to mount for the craft beer industry.

Mikkeller's closure marks the end to a rocky tenure in the United States. In 2017, Mikkeller San Diego was linked to numerous complaints from employees about unsafe working conditions, harassment, and bullying, which were echoed by Mikkeller employees around the globe. In 2021, several former Mikkeller San Diego employees shared complaints via the viral @ratmagnet Instagram stories detailing incidents of rampant discrimination throughout the male-dominated industry. Last year, Mikkeller established a reconciliation plan in an effort to make amends with those who experienced mistreatment and move forward with a more positive work environment.

Mikkeller will close its tasting room at 2021 India Street in San Diego's Little Italy after business on Saturday, April 8. For more information, visit