Damning New Allegations Emerge Against Disgraced Former San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher

January 9, 2024

New allegations have come forward against disgraced former San Diego politician Nathan Fletcher, with a UCSD professor claiming the former San Diego County Supervisor retaliated against her after she brought a new claim of sexual harassment to light.

A University of California San Diego professor, Juli Beth Hinds, has filed a tort claim (precursor to a lawsuit) containing allegations that former County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher engaged in retaliation against her after she reported a sexual harassment claim to university administrators in April 2023. According to the claim, Hinds, a UC San Diego lecturer of Urban Studies, contends that Fletcher, along with county staff, abruptly terminated contracts that her consulting firm had with the county shortly after she reported Fletcher's alleged sexual harassment of one of her students. Fletcher was a "Professor of Practice," the first of such a title, at UCSD from 2013 until 2023. A "Professor of Practice" is a position given to a person with experience in a field but without the necessary education to become a professor. 

The government tort claim, which is a necessary precursor to a lawsuit, details the sequence of events following separate allegations by Metropolitan Transit System employee Grecia Figueroa. Figueroa claimed that Fletcher sexually harassed and assaulted her multiple times during his tenure as the chair of the transit system's board of directors. She filed a lawsuit against Fletcher and Metropolitan Transit officials, alleging that her termination was an attempt to silence her about Fletcher's actions.

Hinds recounts that on April 7, 2023, just over a week after Figueroa filed her lawsuit, she approached UC San Diego's Office of Student Disability Services to report a student's disclosure during her office hours about what the claim describes as Fletcher's "harassing conduct." Following the administrator's advice, Hinds then submitted an official Title IX complaint, with the understanding that any reports concerning Fletcher would be directed to the UCSD Director. Shortly thereafter, on the same day, Hinds received an email from a different UC San Diego administrator, requesting the name of the student who reported the harassment and confirmation that it was Fletcher who allegedly harassed her.

In the days following Hinds' report, she states that Fletcher and the county took steps to quietly terminate two contracts her outside consulting business had with the county. Hinds contends this sequence of events is likely retaliation against her for coming forward with new sexual harassment allegations against Fletcher.

On Sunday, March 26, 2023, then-San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher made a shocking announcement that he would be entering rehab to address PTSD and alcohol-related issues, as well as would drop his campaign for California State Senate. Then on the following Tuesday, March 28, Fletcher quietly resigned from his position as chairman of the board of San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS).

The following day, we at SanDiegoVille broke the news that Fletcher and the San Diego MTS were both being sued by former MTS Public Relations Specialist Grecia Figueroa for Sexual Harassment, Failure to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Retaliation, Sexual Assault and Battery, and Whistleblower Retaliation. In the lawsuit, it is alleged that Fletcher's wife, former California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, joined her husband in threatening to sue Ms. Figueroa for extortion. Gonzalez has since denied any contact with Ms. Figueroa or her attorney.

After the news of the lawsuit broke, Fletcher released a statement admitting to a "terrible mistake engaging in consensual interactions" but claimed the allegations in the lawsuit to be false. Later in the day on Wednesday, March 29, following back-and-forth between SanDiegoVille's staffers and Nathan Fletcher's office about our impending story of an additional woman, a former UCSD student, coming forward accusing Fletcher of sexual misconduct while she was an intern for his non-profit, Nathan Fletcher announced his impending resignation from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, to be effective on May 15.

In early April 2023, less than one week from the time Fletcher announced his shocking rehab stint, Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher posted a since-deleted tweet that many thought was tone-deaf and possibly indicative of an intention to leave her disgraced husband. Fletcher's first accuser, Grecia Figueroa, also published a blog post touching on multiple subjects likely related to her accusations against the former San Diego County Supervisor.

Nathan Fletcher has long since resigned from his position on the County Board of Supervisors and has not been heard from since returning from his alleged rehab stint. His professor page was also removed from University of California San Diego website.