Many In Need Of Help Following Unprecedented San Diego Flooding | Growing List Of More Than 40 GoFundMe Campaigns

February 7, 2024

Many San Diegans are in need of financial aid following the unprecedented flooding that took place over the past few weeks, so we've compiled a list of GoFundMe campaigns of those seeking monetary assistance.

The storm on Monday, January 22, was the fourth wettest day recorded since 1850. The torrential downpours caused millions of dollars of damage, flooded streets and roadways, damaged hundreds of homes and created mudslides, erosion and more. This week, we had more rainfall and damage around San Diego County.

Below is a list of GoFundMe campaigns for those in need. hese fundraisers and dozens of others can be found on GoFundMe's centralized hub created to support those impacted by the recent winter storms. As a reminder, fundraisers under the "verified relief fundraisers" section can be searched by city and state. If anyone wants to have a campaign included below, please email [email protected] and we will review.  

Maria's Legacy: Honoring and Healing- Flood Victim - According to this GoFundMe page, Maria Gomez Mendoza passed away in the severe storm late last month. "We come together to honor her memory and support her family in their time of need. Maria Gomez Mendoza's passing leaves a profound void in our community, and our hearts ache for her son and daughter-in-law and the rest of the family, who have been left traumatized and displaced by this devastating event," reads the fundraiser.

Help Dan & Dottie’s Loss due to San Diego flooding - A local father woke up to water up to his chest and rushed to rescue his daughter and their dog from the floodwaters. "Their home was near the San Diego river and now, they have lost everything. They do not have renters insurance due to situational circumstances. Please help with what you can," reads the fundraiser.

Recover & Repair The Mudd House Studio - A Leucadia ceramic studio flooded in the storm, destroying supplies and causing building damage. "Due to our location, this is the second major flood we've seen in our year and a half of operation. Closing our doors is a loss to our community and staff," reads the fundraiser. "We're looking to fundraise to replace supplies, continue to pay our staff, repair our building / look into a new space so we can continue to serve our lovely community."

Garcia Family National City flood victims - Within minutes the entire inside of the Garcia family's house was flooded. "It was a scene from the movies. My sister and brother in law were rushing to get to the house but due to traffic it seemed like an eternity to arrive. With the help of family we were able to bucket, sweep, vacum the water out. The water was a need to see to believe," reads the campaign.

Help the Ramirez family rebuild their home - A family living in the Shelltown neighborhood of San Diego lost their home of 30+ years in the severe storm. "This was still home to most of their children, including Ana, mother of 2, who saved as many lives as she could during this traumatic event. We understand the entire community has suffered, and don’t want our grandparents to be homeless so anything helps and is greatly appreciated," reads the fundraiser.

Judy Parker’s Flood Damage - A tattoo shop owner is in need of help after her business and home flooded. "San Diego had a powerful storm on January 22 and the rain came pouring into her shop and home," reads the fundraiser.

Aranda Family Fundraiser - A family already battling health issues lost their home and two vehicles in the flooding. "If we could help lighten the burden financially that would be such a blessing. The funds will be used for repairs, furniture, clothes, food and other necessities," reads the fundraiser.

A Resilient Mom, Rebuilding after Tragedy - Maria is a strong single mother who has been through so much and needs financial help for housing due to the floods and medical bills for her cancer treatments. "Recently, her home in San Diego was flooded, adding to her burdens. We've gathered clothing and essentials, but Maria needs financial support for food, rent, utilities, and ongoing cancer treatment. Your contribution, no matter the size, can make a significant impact on Maria's journey towards stability and recovery," reads the campaign.

San Diego Flood & Drywall Recovery Fund - Performance Drywall Group Inc. is working to support families impacted by water damage. The local business in San Diego is fundraising to help residents in need of drywall repairs. They are documenting their efforts on their social media page here. "As a compassionate response, our company, alongside my husband’s, has embarked on a mission to assist those without insurance, aiming to restore homes and hope. Our mission is to stand with those who lack insurance coverage, addressing water damage and drywall issues, and bringing comfort back to their homes," reads the fundraiser.

San Diego Made Factory Flood Damage - The storm flooded San Diego Made Factory’s entire building, leaving every studio with severe water damage. "Our damages will likely total over $100k and we have no way of meeting our general operating expenses without the use of our space right now, so the costs are mounting," reads the fundraiser. "Every dollar donated will go directly toward water mitigation and operating expenses as we try to keep our business going while also trying to rebuild and help our tenants and neighbors rebuild."

Sweetwater Farms devastated by flood - Sweetwater Farms in Bonita was covered in several feet of water within 15 minutes of the storm coming through. They rushed to rescue their horses from corrals and stalls while their equipment was taken by the floodwaters. "Sweetwater Farms has been a staple in this community at this location since 1991. This property has not experienced a flood of this severity since the 1970s," reads the fundraiser. "We need help. The cleanup efforts will be quite extensive."

Kind Folk Farm Needs Your Help - "Kind Folk Farm is a no-till, no-spray vegetable farm that espouses the principles of ecological stewardship. On January 22, 2024, our beloved farm faced a catastrophic flood due to heavy rainfall, compounded by the cresting of the nearby Tijuana River. This unfortunate event has resulted in severe damages to our infrastructure, crops, equipment, and soil," reads the fundraiser.

Classroom Flood Damage - San Diego classrooms were damaged in the storm, destroying a lot of school materials. "Unfortunately, due to the water damage I had to get rid of many things in my classroom that I have fundraised for and bought over the last few years. Anything you can donate to my classroom helps!" reads the fundraiser.

Freddy, Athena and Amaryllis - A San Diego mother rushed to save her three-month-old baby as floodwaters swept into their home. "She was home alone with the baby when they got woken up to the flood above her knees, within seconds it rose up to her chest. Swimming and Fighting for her life and the baby she was able to make it out by the help of some neighbors," reads the fundraiser.

Rebuilding KLA: Help Us Rise From the Floodwaters - Facilities, classroom materials, and furniture at Keiller Leadership Academy were destroyed in the flooding earlier this week. "The damage is extensive, and we are now faced with the daunting task of rebuilding and restoring our thriving educational environment," reads the fundraiser. "The floodwaters may have taken away our physical space, but they cannot dampen the spirit and resilience of our school community. KLA has been a beacon of learning, growth, and community for years, and we refuse to let this setback define us."

Help DBC & the Plummer Family After Major Flood - Destination Baby Co., a baby gear rental service based in San Diego, had their entire warehouse flooded with over three feet of water , leaving a majority of their inventory damaged or destroyed. "Thousands of dollars worth of inventory was damaged from strollers, car seats, cribs, and much more," reads the fundraiser. "These funds will be directly used to purchase new inventory and keep their business alive while they navigate through this difficult period."

Pixca farm flood relief - Pixca Farm has now flooded for the third time in just four years. "We refuse to let these setbacks define us. Our community has always rallied together in times of need, and now, we call upon your generosity to help us rebuild Pixca, stronger than ever before," reads the fundraiser.

Our work mom Perla lost everything in the flood - Pacific Ship employees lost tools and had their cars damaged in the storm Monday. One of the employees, Perla, then returned home to find her apartment and family were in chest high water, and that her loved one had passed away. "Her family also suffered the loss of her mother in law. She had passed away during the storm and was in the home when she got there, an absolutely devastating turn of events for her family," reads the fundraiser. "Perla lost all of her clothing, cookware, furniture, electronics, current living space, a family member, everything she owned. She came to work in donated dry clothes today and helped clean the flood damage. She is a hard worker and would never take a handout but I want to show her that we all care."

Support for Y Staff Recovering from Flood - Three staff members at the Ryan Family YMCA lost their homes, cars, and belongings in the floods. A GoFundMe page has been created to support them as they stay in a nearby hotel. "One of the staff members has a 1 year old daughter. They are currently taking shelter in a nearby hotel room but only have that reserved for the next 4 days," reads the fundraiser.

Flooding In Shelltown - Anything Helps - A Shelltown family’s home and sentimental belongings they’ve had for 40 years were significantly damaged in the storm. The family had to swim to safety as water levels rose to their chests.

Help multiple families affected by flooding - A family that has lived in San Diego County for 20 years had their home severely damaged in the floods. "We had multiple homes affected. Each home had about 6 ft of water come inside. My family lost all of their belongings in the place they called home for the last 20 years and the house where I grew up is full of damages," reads the fundraiser.

Flood damage: Help Amber rebuild her home - An ICU nurse and mother of three is in need of help after coming home from a 12-hour shift to find water in her home. The damage is extensive, and she will need a lot of financial support to replace the drywall in addition to damaged carpet, furniture, and her childrens’ belongings. "Amber is one of the strongest, fiercely independent women who would never ask for help. She helps hundreds of critically ill patients and then goes home to care for her kids and run a household on her own," reads the fundraiser. "In times like this we must rely on each other for support and help so I ask you to step up for our fellow nurse and mama!"

Help Rebuild Our Business After Devastating Flood - Thousands of dollars worth of inventory for a family’s eBay business was destroyed in the storm. "Our eBay business, which revolves around selling records and collectibles, has been our primary source of income. The flood destroyed over $50,000 dollars worth of carefully sourced records, audio equipment, furniture, and one-of-a-kind irreplaceable vintage items," reads the fundraiser. "If you are available to help, whether it be physically, financially, or just spreading the word, it would make a world of difference to us and help us rebuild and restore what was lost."

UDO flood fundraiser - A National City shop became covered in five feet of water Monday, destroying materials, products and tools. A GoFundMe page has been created to help Kyle Canady replace the damaged items and to keep the business up and running.

Emerald & Ivy Flood Relief - A production warehouse suffered significant damage in the flash floods. "The flash flood came upon us so swiftly by the time we could evacuate the building the debris filled black waters were 5 FEET high on us," reads the fundraiser. "We lost vehicles, inventory, hard goods, computers, merchandise, furniture, equipment just to name a few things."

The Bryant Family Re-Build Their Home - A special education teacher in San Diego Unified returned home to find four feet of water in their home. A GoFundMe has been created to help Karina Bryant replace all of her belongings destroyed by the floods.

Flood Destruction & Personal Loss - Five Barrio Logan apartments were severely damaged in last week’s storm. The owners of the apartment building have created a GoFundMe page to help their impacted tenants.

After the Flood, a New Beginning - Longtime Shelltown residents lost their belongings and vehicles Monday. "They had been residents of Shelltown for over 30 years and in less than 15 min everything they owned was destroyed," reads the fundraiser. "They were left with only the clothes on their backs and some of our mother’s medications."

Help Revive PASACAT, Our Home of Dance + Culture - The PASACAT Center in National City was filled with three feet of water during the flood, marking the fourth time in ten years that the center was flooded. They're asking for donations to help repair the damage to their flooring and to replace instruments, sound systems, and costumes.

Help 83 year old repair home after flood - A Southeast San Diego family’s property of 41 years suffered major flood damage last week. Their vehicles were destroyed in addition to their furniture, appliances, and other belongings.

Help our grandma rebuild her life - An 87-year-old grandmother lost her home of 31 years in the floods. Her family has created a GoFundMe page to help her in the aftermath of the storm.

Sherry Gogue (Adrian's Way) San Diego Flooding - The National City community is rallying to support the leader of a non-profit that supports local youth. Sherry Gogue, of Adrian's Way, sadly lost her home in the flash flooding. "She is a true champion for those less fortunate within our community. The loss for her family is enormous, and we hope you can help. Our goal is to help her move into permanent housing," reads the fundraiser.

Mother nature strikes again. Everything lost - A family full of young athletes lost their clothes, appliances, and sports equipment in the recent floods. "The boys are talented athletes who have lost bats, gloves and baseball bags Santa brought them. It's heartbreaking to see them struggle after working hard to establish their family," reads the fundraiser.

San Diego Flood Relief for Navy Veteran Family - A Navy Veteran and her family were impacted by the recent floods. "She is truly one of those people that would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it! She proudly served her country for 5yrs in the Navy and was recently looking forward to her new life as a civilian last year," reads the fundraiser.

Alpha Project- Flood Damage To Staff Vehicles - Several Alpha Project employees lost their vehicles in the storm. "Alpha Project's 362 bed Bridge Shelter was severely hit causing an emergency evacuation and relocation of its residents. While our dedicated staff worked hard to make sure residents were safe, over 10 of Alpha Projects employees lost their vehicle. The scale of destruction and loss is beyond what we can do as an organization," reads the fundraiser.

Help Restore Josh & Brittney's House - Brittney Roche and her husband's home was significantly damaged by the severe flooding throughout San Diego. The floodwaters invaded every corner of their house, destroying furniture, personal belongings, and causing extensive damage to the structure itself. This unforeseen disaster has left their daughter overwhelmed and devastated, struggling to come to terms with the loss of her safe haven.

Brandon's Home Flood Fundraiser - Brandon's having a tough go as of late and his house and car flooding  has made life substantially more difficult. "We have lost a lot of appliances in our home and still waiting to settle back in our home. Anything to help me and my family will be greatly appreciated."

Shelltown Family Lost Home in San Diego Flood: A family lost their own home and belongings as they helped their neighbors escape, including a 4-month-old.

Flood relief for Gaby: A woman who helps local youth facing homelessness lost her home and car in the flooding. "Gaby has supported me in endless ways from our partnership in running a five bed bridge housing program to being someone I can confidently to turn. She has been there not only in times of celebration and wins for our youth but in times of sadness, anger and hurt."

Kuwait Tanoi-Vaeono and Taotafa Tanoi-Punefu: A family caring for a 4-time stroke survivor is displaced, lost their medical equipment and car necessary to get to weekly appointments.

Donate to help Soul Food City remain in business!!: An East County restaurant has been closed until further notice due to the flood damage to their kitchen. Their website can be found here.

Help us replace our home - Rodriguez Family: A family lost their home of 20 years: "The floodwaters not only claimed our possessions but also took away a piece of our hearts and memories."

Help Raquel Ruiz Recover Equipment Lost in Flood: A Coronado family is helping their housekeeper who lost her cleaning supplies in the flooding.

Displaced Navy Veteran and Young Family: A Navy veteran who suffered his own losses has lent a helping hand to families as a water damage technician.

Help the Santos's recover from traumatic flooding - This family lost their childhood home in a flood that occurred in Southcrest. When they received the text message that the flood was occurring in our area it was far too late to save anything. "My dad who's the main provider in the family, and specializes in landscaping, has lost his work truck and all his equipment, therefore can't work at the moment as he is an independent contractor," reads the campaign.

San Diegans who want to help local victims recover from this week’s severe storm can alsop make financial donations to a County's new Flood Response Fund. The San Diego Foundation will match donations up to $100,000. Money from the fund will only be directed to non-profits helping flood victims. The fund is not accepting any non-monetary donations at this time.