After Outpouring Of Support, San Diego Barbecue Favorite Coop's West Texas BBQ Decides To Stay Open

March 22, 2024

Following an outpouring of support after announcing its closure last week, San Diego barbecue destination Coop's West Texas BBQ has decided to stay open.

Texas native Bradrick "Coop" Cooper left his decade-long career as a registered nurse and opened the Coop's West Texas BBQ in San Diego's East County city of Lemon Grove in October 2010. The 26-seat restaurant quickly became known as one of San Diego's top destinations for low-and-slow, Texas-style barbecue. Building on the success of his barbecue eatery, Coop took over a neighboring space in 2016 and opened Da Chicken Coop fried chicken restaurant, but that concept closed several years ago. 

Last week, news broke that Coops would close his 14 year-old restaurant after end of service on Sunday, March 17. Following the announcement, Coop's BBQ was flooded with fans hoping to get one last taste of some of San Diego's best Texas-style barbecue. On Sunday, alone, hungry patrons lined around the block to get a plate of low-and-slow smoked meat. 

"We got the momentum from the support last week so we are going to keep it going," explained Brad Cooper. "Come get your BBQ, stop by the ATM, because we are doing cash only."

Coop's West Texas BBQ will continue to open on weekends, Friday through Sunday, from 10am to 3pm or until sell out. The restaurant will serve chicken, pulled pork, ribs, brisket, sides and dessert. There is no telling how long the weekend hours will continue, but ownership hopes to stay open through the rest of the year. 

Coop's West Texas BBQ is located at 2625 Lemon Grove Avenue in San Diego's east county community of Lemon Grove. For more information, visit