barleymash Opens Grand in the Gaslamp

May 4, 2012

Last night, got the opportunity to attend the invite-only soft opening of what is sure to be the Gaslamp's newest hot spot, barleymash.  The food was tasty, the design was stylish, and the beer selection was filled with unique crafts, just how we like it.

barleymash took over the space previously occupied by Whiskey Girl (who has moved up a block), and it looks (and smells) much better than it used to.  The designer did an amazing job at utilizing the space, redesigning it with a center bar, a back bar, and plenty of seating.   barleymash's new digs also include an area called 'ginger's,' down the inconspicuous stairs off to the left side, which is a really relaxed and chic lounge area and martini bar, boasting a wall of televisions.  Rumor has it that soon barleymash will also feature a humidor and cigar lounge where patrons can enjoy their stogies without violating the smoking laws - or making other people sick.

'The Shorty' flatbread pizza
barleymash sets itself apart from other gastropubs by using alcohol in everything.  They boast that 90% of their foods contain alcohol.  Specifically, they recycle used grain from local breweries to make their breads and crusts.  We enjoyed literally everything we tried, from the array of pizzas and salads to the desserts - the bacon s'mores were the bomb!  With Chef Kevin Templeton manning the kitchen (formerly at Offshore), there is no doubt that the food quality will be stellar.  I just hope that he includes his awesomely sweet and spicy habanero jelly somewhere on the menu.

barleymash is set to officially open today, May 4th, and it is bound to be a huge success for the Verant Group.  We'll certainly be back, and we'll keep the 'Ville informed on the progress and of any specials as they arise.  Stay tuned!

P.S.  We're still upset that wasn't invited to the Jack Daniels party at barleymash this past Monday featuring a live performance by Cage the Elephant, but thanks for having us last night.  We'll get over it.  Eventually.

barleymash + ginger's
600 5th Ave., Gaslamp (corner of 5th and Market)
(619) 255-7373

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