Rancho Sonora Tacos Y Cortes Brings Authentic Mexican Barbecue To South County San Diego

November 29, 2021

Now serving from a converted shipping container in San Diego's South County is Rancho Sonora Tacos y Cortes, an authentic Mexican taqueria and meat boutique. 

Rancho Sonora is the product of Sonora, Mexico-natives Javier Garay, a local businessman and accountant, and Roger Canez, who also owns Sonora Express Meat Boutique in Tijuana and previously operated the now-defunct Burrology in North Park and Sonora Express in El Cajon. Rancho Sonora offers a menu centered around charcoal grilled meat tacos like those found in Mexico's famed Sonora region. Sonora is the only state in the country that exports meat to the United States without sanitary review due to the quality standards it handles in cattle breeding. 

"Our concept is a Sonoran Style taqueria and meat boutique," explained Rancho Sonora co-founder Roger Canez. "Our tacos feature real hand made flour tortillas with high-end meats cooked on a charcoal grill made in front of you using only sea salt for the steaks. We offer our own smoked salsas, bone marrow rib eye tacos and steaks like you would find in high-end steakhouses for a fraction of the price. Everything you eat at our taqueria, you can buy to go at our meat boutique - the salsas, tortillas in a 12 pack, guacamole, but most important, our steaks like a nice rib eye, New York, even  Wagyu A5 certified."

Rancho Sonora Tacos y Cortes is a completely al-fresco eatery built out of a shipping container and located within a new outdoor food garden in the parking lot of what was the original Karina's restaurant in Chula Vista. Highlights from the menu include the rib eye and bone marrow taco, smoked veggie taco, the certified Wagyu A5, and the chipilon taco with a cheese crust on flour tortilla made with top siloin and tripitas de leche. The eatery also offers fresh made aguas fresca like horchata, lemonade and soft drinks. Owners hope to open branch of Rancho Sonora in Carlsbad by summer 2022.

Rancho Sonora Tacos y Cortes is now open Tuesday through Sunday from 12-10pm at 1282 Third Avenue in San Diego's South County city of Chula Vista. For more information, follow the restaurant on Instagram and check out the menu below.