Video Captures Violent Attack Outside Restaurant In Downtown San Diego

December 17, 2022

A video has emerged showing a violent attack taking place earlier this week outside Royal India restaurant in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter.

Earlier this week, a man believed to be homeless pushed through the outdoor barrier at the front patio of Royal India restaurant in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter and began attacking two individuals, a man and a woman. The attacker threw part of the fence at the pair then struck the woman multiple times in the head before a bystander charged in and pulled him off. The attacker then runs away with his pants down to his ankles. This all took place in broad daylight. 

"I recognize that guy, he’s a menace," wrote a Reddit user in reaction to the video. "Likes to yell angrily at imaginary and real people. He’s been around for at least 6 months out in the Gaslamp area like a ticking time bomb. Sometimes he’ll hang around by the Marriott on the Cortez Hill between A and B street yelling and throwing punches to the air. He’s been taken to the hospital on 2 occasions but at this point he needs to get locked up."

Following the attack, 31-year-old Matthew Williams was arrested and charged with five felonies, including two counts of Assault With A Deadly Weapon (CPC 245(a)(1)), two counts of Assault by Means Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury (CPC 245(a)(4)), and one count of Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury (CPC 243(d)). 

This is at least the fourth violent attack by a homeless aggressors to take place in San Diego in the past several weeks. In late November a woman was attacked with a brick by a homeless man on the street outside the San Diego Zoo. Earlier this month, another video emerged showing a man attacked by a reported homeless person in front of Hodad’s on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach. A homeless man was also recently arrested after allegedly attacking restaurant workers with a knife at The Taco Stand in La Jolla.

The video of the recent Gaslamp Quarter attack is embedded below, but beware as the violent assault could be triggering to some. Viewer discretion is advised.