Ultimate List Of San Diego's Restaurant Openings, Closings & Most Viral Stories Of 2023, Plus What To Expect In 2024

December 31, 2023

In this ultimate year-end recap, we list off more than 100 San Diego grand openings, dozens of unexpected closures, and the most captivating narratives of 2023, as well as offer a glimpse into the promising projects awaiting us in 2024.

Throughout the year, San Diego witnessed a dynamic flux of restaurant openings and closures, encapsulating the city's ever-evolving gastronomic landscape. Alongside these culinary shifts, significant breaking news stories added depth and intrigue to the local narrative.

As the sole operator of this platform, I'm committed to delivering thorough insights while cherishing some well-deserved holiday moments. For a detailed exploration of these pivotal events and developments, I encourage you to access our comprehensive article through the provided link. There, you'll uncover the nuances and intricacies that shaped San Diego's culinary and news scenes in the past year.

2023 Openings
2023 Closings
2023 Most Visited Stories
  1. Viral Video Shows "Taco Shop Karen" Going Wild At San Diego Mexican Restaurant
  2. Costco Permanently Closing Food Court At One San Diego Location 
  3. Following Damning Allegations Of Sexual Assault & Battery In Lawsuit, San Diego County Supervisor Admits "Consensual Interactions" With County Staffer
  4. Enormous Whale Washes Ashore In San Diego's Pacific Beach
  5. First New Age Chuck E. Cheese Location Set To Open In San Diego
  6. San Diego's Decades-Old Studio Diner Under New Ownership
  7. 'Breaking Bad' Stars Spotted Tending Bar At Downtown San Diego Steakhouse
  8. San Diego Celebrity Chef Brian Malarkey Makes It "Instagram Official" With Announcement Of New Sweetheart
  9. There Is An In-N-Out Burger Ripoff Restaurant In Tijuana And Apparently It's Delicious 
  10. San Diego Icon To Be Honored For 80th Birthday During Slomo Day
  11. San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher Announces Impending Resignation Amid New Accusations From Former UCSD Student & Intern
  12. Movie Star Keanu Reeves Takes In Concert At Historic San Diego Live Music Venue
  13. Popular San Diego Farmers Market Files Restraining Order Against Well-Known Street Performer 
  14. San Diego Restaurant Chain Sued For Sexual Harassment
  15. San Diego Restaurant Has Liquor License Suspended After Serving Underage Patron That Died After Leaving
  16. San Diego Restaurant Owners Charged With COVID-Relief Fraud
  17. Bad Beer?! Constellation Brands Halts Beer Keg Deliveries In San Diego Due To Quality Concerns
  18. Washington Post Names Several San Diego Pizza Spots As Best In California
  19. San Diego's Top 18 Burgers To Enjoy This National Cheeseburger Day
  20. San Diego's Lamborghini Yacht Owner Is Same Person Who Was Accused Of Harassing La Jolla Pizza Shop 
What's Coming In 2024
Our dedication to delivering comprehensive coverage remains unwavering, and we invite you to join us on this journey as we navigate through the impactful stories and eagerly anticipate the prospects that await us in 2024. Happy New Year to you all!